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Fri, Oct 12th, 2007 11:59:05 AM
Topic: More-on dodds

RK has exposed both dodds's moral turpitude and unbridled greed in presenting a dossier of misrepresentations, unfounded opinions and outright lies to convince LACMA his bogus "bellini" was a masterpiece of its type.

Forget his claims it was in excellent condition, circa 1600, or even a museum worthy object.

We have demonstrated, for all to see, what nonsense and blatant mistruth underlies these claims.

RK has also shown all LACMA "scientific" investigations (dye analysis, invasive photography and three rounds of c14 testing) are nothing more than worthless rags covering the naked truth.

There is only one worthwhile procedure to analyze exactly what the "bellini's" is or isn't -- a proper and expert art historical comparison"

Why LACMA has not done this is baffling because only by comparing dodds's "bellini" with others of its type will an accurate, and rational, result be forthcoming.

RK has, far more than once, suggested this to LACMA and so far the museum has not undertaken this effort.

We even offered to do it for them but, as yet, our offer stands without response.

We have also suggested they get Walter Denny, who is one of the most respected and high profile scholars in rugdom, to do it and, although we realize LACMA could believe RK has an agenda that could influence us(trust us we have no agenda and are only interested in fact and truth), surely Denny should be viewed as impartial.

The noose is tightening around dodds, as well as around LACMA. The cat is so far out of the bag on this issue, it's nothing but a joke to believe otherwise.

There is no doubt dodds defrauded the museum, his letter of expertise proves it in black and white.

RK knows no one in rugdom, especially anyone who is knowledgeable and expert in Turkish Village Rugs, will ever support dodds's claims or stand next to him in support.

Why has he remained untouched by his scandalous actions?

Perhaps the best answer is LACMA's desire to cover-up their mistake in recommending the rug's purchase to their Collector's Committee.

How long will this camel with its head in the sand approach remain viable?

Well, let's face fact, it never was viable and has only appeared so because of rugdom's refusal to get involved.

How long will rugdom sit on its hands over this issue?

That dear readers is something RK finds even more baffling, considering the amount of evidence that proves what a liar and thief dennis dodds is.

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