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Sun, Nov 4th, 2007 11:17:02 AM
Topic: From a Rug-Moron's Mouth

Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price constantly proves, with almost every utterance, to be a rug-moron of great stature.

Price=clown, as we refer to him here, is not alone, he has much company.

But what separates price from this vast majority of others is his willingness and propensity to prove it in public and in print.

Were it not such a waste of our time, we could cite numerous other examples of price's clownish stupidity when it come to all things rug-ish.

But the following quote price proudly placed on the rug sandbox website he runs says it all, and we could not resist memorializing it here on RugKazbah.com:

"Collectors are often advised to focus their collecting rather narrowly in order to achieve excellence and a high level of connoisseurship. I think it's good advice, even though I don't follow it."

Clearly professor price doesn't have enough sense to follow this or any advice--the most salient of which would be for him to get his miserably amateurish, and basically worthless, website offline.

Enough is enough, price, when will you finally realize you, and your online efforts, provide not one iota of solution to what is wrong in rugdom. Rather your public presence is part and parcel of the abysmal state rugdom sinks further into daily, as well as proving it for all to see.

If rugdom's situation was not so drastic your comment above, and many others you have issued forth, would really be today's chuckle. Sadly it isn't funny, it is totally pathetic.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 4th, 2007 11:17:02 AM

Just like Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price his side-kick john howe's ideas about old oriental rugs, and his replies to those who are naive or foolish enough to post items and expect cogent answers to their questions, are always seriously flawed and often out to lunch.

Both price and howe, along with idiot post-a-day magpies like richard larkin and jack williams, need to learn, and take to heart, this uptake on the old adage "fools should be seen and not heard".

Today, RK viewed a very recent, reproduction soumak carpet some unfortunate had posted on turdo-tek.com seeking infomation.

No one but howe bothered to reply but he, too, should have sat on his keyboard and not bothered.

Why? Well here is his reply, read it for yourselves:
" Mr. O'Carroll -
I can't give you an attribution for your piece, but both its size and the proliferation of "animal" forms on it suggest to me that it is fairly recent. Perhaps as old as you estimate, but also possibly much younger.

Weavers have sometimes been told that people who buy rugs and textiles like animals and try to meet this need with exuberance. I think there is some evidence of that here. Notice, for example that the devices in the borders have "bird" form in their interiors. I think the main border devices themselves may resonate with some traditional usage but I doubt that the traditional forms, had birds inside them.

Very good sumak, some nearly indistinguishable from much older material is being made nowadays.

If you like your piece, I would suggest that you enjoy it without worrying much about such things as attribution, especially since with newer material even the modest indicators we use on older things become less reliable.

There are some folks on **** with good experience with more recent material and perhaps some of them will be able to say more.

Regards, R. John Howe"

RK would suggest rug-moron howe forget about showing his ignorance in public and the next time he feels like doing so realize the futility.

After buying so many rug books, and trying to buy rugs for decades, it is truly ludicrous how dead-eyed howe, price, larkin, williams and others who frequent turdotek.com have not come to the realization their public utterances make them look stupid.

What is worse is their continuing to do so when so much proof of their inabilities is staring them, and everyone else, in the face.

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