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Author:R. Franklin posted by jc
Sat, Nov 19th, 2011 03:20:04 AM
Topic: Missing Cruise Missile--a new 9/11?

A Second, More Deadly 9/11 In the Works?
Is a Second More Deadly 9/11 Now In the Works?
There are good reasons to believe so
by Richard Franklin

As you know, a B-52 bomber was equipped with six nuclear warheads mounted on Advanced Cruise Missiles and then flown from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on August 30. They were mounted on the wings of the bomber.

According to Michael Madsen's sources, a group of officers within the US Air Force became aware of the theft of these missiles and their nuclear warheads and intercepted them at Barksdale.

After this event somehow leaked to the media, the White House apparently scrambled to concoct a story to account for the theft. They came up with a lulu. They told us it was all a 'mistake'. The six nuclear warheads had been mistakenly mounted on Advanced Cruise Missiles, which were then mistakenly mounted on the wings of the B-52, and then mistakenly flown to Louisiana. If we are to believe the White House's absurd story, nobody among the crew of the bomber was even aware of the deadly cargos attached to the wings of their aircraft.

Wayne Madsen has reported that the nukes were destined for Iraq, but were intercepted by renegade officers of the US Air Force who are opposed to attacking Iran with nuclear warheads in a plan that was devised and was being allegedly overseen by Dick Cheney. According to Madsen, a U.S. attack on Iran using nuclear weapons was scheduled to coincide with Israel's September 6 air attack on a reputed Syrian nuclear facility in Dayr az-Zwar in northern Syria. The interception of the nuclear warheads apparently caused the White House cabal to defer an American coordination with the Israeli attack until such time as the problem of the intercepted nukes was resolved on the domestic front.

The activist group Citizens for Legitimate Government has come up with an astounding revelation that has been ignored by our controlled media. A spokesperson for the group has indicated that six members of the US Air Force who were directly involved in loading or transporting the missiles, were killed within 7 days of the Barksdale interception. Their deaths have been ruled 'accidents'. I repeat, these deaths happened within 7 days of the incident! The odds against this happening are mind boggling.

The victims according to CLG include Airman First Class Todd Blue, 20, who died while on leave in Virginia. A husband and wife from Barksdale Air Force Base were killed on Shreveport-Blanchard Highway while riding a motorcycle. Adam Barrs, a 20-year-old airman from Minot Air Force Base was killed in a crash on the outskirts of the city. First Lt. Weston Kissel, 28, a Minot Air Force Base bomber pilot, was killed in a motorcycle crash in Tennessee. Police found the body of a missing Air Force captain John Frueh near Badger Peak in northeast Skamania County, Washington.

It has been surmised by many that those directing the nuclear thefts embarked on a cleanup operation to silence any persons who were not part of the conspiracy but had knowledge of exactly what had gone down at Minot and Barksdale Air Force Bases. It defies common sense to come up with any other explanation for the six deaths, a figure that may already be out of date. Any further deaths may quite possibly be kept from the media.

While the White House has concocted a coverup story to explain the, theft of six Advanced Cruise Missiles carrying nuclear warheads, it has not explained why it is that six such missiles were loaded at Minot, but ONLY FIVE ARRIVED AT BARKSDALE! There is only one possible explanation. Somewhere between the Minot and Barksdale, the plane landed to deliver one missile with its warhead.

So who would want a solitary weapon of this nature? And for what purpose? I propose the following scenario. Members of the PNAC (usually pronounced as 'pee-nack') cabal in the White House wanted such a missile for the commission of a second major false flag operation in the United States.

But why would they want to inflict another 9/11 on this country? It seems clear enough to me. They are now on the precipice of losing the power they have worked for so many years to achieve. Now with a unitary president in place, a chain of concentration camps across the country manned by Blackwater thugs, after having done practice runs to massively act out arresting dissident American citizens, with Bush in possession of a law giving him the right to declare martial law and also empowered to seize total, direct control of the National Guard, and so on, the PNAC cabal is in perfect position to deliver the final blow in the creation of an openly authoritarian state.

I can think of no other logical reason for having purloined a nuclear warhead along with an Advanced Cruise Missile. That nuke and the missile remain missing despite White House assurances they are looking for it. In my humble opinion, the people who have that nuke and missile in hand are quite possibly planning a second 9/11 to complete the grand design they first started working toward during the Reagan years. It was then that they drafted their Project for a New American Century to brazenly announce to the world where they were headed. We now may be on the precipice of the final act in the creation of a new Empire Amerika.

I have never more sincerely wanted to be proved wrong. I hope my reasoning is crazy, my facts are wrong, and I'm merely going through a phase. Those feelings, however, do not suffice to allay the dark thoughts that come to mind regarding what I see as a truly scary event.

Author: DB
email: fratflat@aol.com
Fri, Jun 11th, 2010 02:30:06 PM

This NWO was in the works long before Reagan who was a conservative Republican. Once the old conservative republicans died off or retired, we were left with right and left wing nuts who have 'expedited' the global plan with their own profiteering opportunties attached. The Reaganite era was a 'bump in the road' with their penchent against BIG Government and Free Enterprise ethic. Reagan, however, deregulated business and the markets giving rise to BIG Business and off shoring American jobs. Gov't grew under both party's after the Reagan era. Now we have Big Gov't AND Big Business in bed together with permeated corruption. The Obama Administration aims to re implement Regulations over the infrastructure; question is will what actions will be taken to address corruption in gov't? Deregulation was never meant to be a permanent resolution to the International corporate raiding on American businesses in the 80's. It provided opportunities for profiteering for the powers that be and thus, deregulation became the 'craze' with many states deregulating, utilities for example, in the 90's causing rates to skyrocket. This Big Gov't in bed with Big Business has had a trickle down effect in the workforce with poor productivity, efficiency and proficiency; with citizens dependent upon entitlements from government. As the economy faltered, state gov'ts implemented more and more laws to fine, fee, and pay for programs to stay out jail and the bilking of children, elders and family's in the family court system feeds state gov't coffers and the wallets of the business entitites that operate out of the courts. We currently see Federal and state agencies working more aggressively to deny benefits or limit benefits for social services. Ex: social security now customarily denies beneifts initially requiring applicants to hire specialized attorneys "social security attorneys' to fight for benefits. This could be the result of attorneys infiltrating all branches of government and its penchent for protecting its 'own'.

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