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Sun, Nov 11th, 2007 03:53:24 PM
Topic: Plagiarist and Liar hoffscheister@textile museum

RK has just learned plagiarist, idea-thief and cheat peter hoffscheister will lecture at the textile museum next week.

Here is the announcement:

Lecture: "Horses on Turkmen Textiles: A Presentation and Retrospective of Over 2,000 Years"
Peter Hoffmeister
Wednesday, November 7 @ 6:30 pm
Independent scholar and curator Peter Hoffmeister has collected Turkmen textiles for more than 30 years. Join him for this special lecture as he traces the use of horse images across the Turkmen tribal weaving repertoire.
Fee: $5/members; $8/non-members. Advance registration required. Call (202) 667-0441, ext. 64."

"Independent scholar and curator"?

Please now who in their right mind, other than textile museum nincompoops like dan walker and head honcho bruce baganz, could possibly describe hoffscheister, a proven liar and plagiarist, as a "scholar or curator".

This creep from Coburg, Germany is neither, as his "scholarship" is virtually non-extant.

The two books with his name on them were both almost completely written by his co-authors.

RK should know, as we did almost all of the writing for Tent Band Tent Bag.

And Simon Crosby, hoffscheister's co-author on Turkmen Rugs from Franconia, likewise shouldered most of the load on that book as well.

As for hoffscheister being described as a "curator". Well, that's equally as prosaic and nonsensical as the only curatorial effort hoffscheister made was the highly flawed and boring show on "ENGSI" done at an icoc meeting some years ago.

No, once again, the ole organ-grinding rug world hype and bogus publicity is bleating out a specious message that deserves to be called out as such.

As for our assertion hoffscheister is a plagiarist and liar?

RK has written extensively here on RugKazbah.com proving his lies, dubious sense of "honor" and his extensive plagiarism of our ideas.

For those of you who missed that series, we refer readers to the following URL:


We also suggest reading the rest of the series which is now in this Turkmen Rug Topic Area on RugKazbah's discussion board.

Read and learn who hoffscheister really is and then forget about the bogus, highly misleading and improper introduction he has been given by those nincompoops at the textile museum.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 11th, 2007 03:53:24 PM

Since RK has no regular contact with anyone who attends these textile museum morning rug palavers we are in the dark as to what hoffscheister -- the plagiarist, liar and cheat -- had to say.

However, considering his past preformances, we'd be inclined to believe nothing of real value was said and only a bunch of warmed-over quasi and pseudo-facts about engsi, most of which we put absolutly no credence in when referring to engsi made prior to the mid-19th century, were included in his presentation.

So, we are inviting any reader, who was there, to post their comments about hoffscheister's "talk" here on RugKazbah.com's discussion board or by emailing them either to us or to our webmaster.

That's not to say anyone ever needs an invitation to post to RugKazbah, as our discussion board is open and unmoderated 24/7.

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