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Mon, Nov 5th, 2007 12:24:26 PM
Topic: Over-dating Again

There is little controversy dodds is an outrageous serial over-dater.

Here is another, the latest public, example of his propensity to add 50, 100 or more years of age when trying to sell his over-priced wares:

“Posted on 2007-11-01
08:19:23_KARAPINAR, Central Anatolia, c. 1800-1850.
Extraordinary textbook example of this classic group with huge octagons and interior hooked strapwork in an early geometric Turkic style.
Very small areas of expert restoration.
Thick lustrous pile with localized wear.
Reduced in length. Approx 3.5 x 9.2 feet.
Price.pls enquire
Inquiries : Dennis Dodds/MAQAM"

RK says circa 1900 would be more like it; such wonky, flaccid drawing and brassy coloration are never associated with examples currently dated to1800-1850, as anyone who knows anything about this “type” of rug would readily admit.

That is everyone but dodds, and the tiny bunch of light-headed devotees(read: buyers) he’s managed to guru-up along his rise to rugdom’s pinnacle perch -- the chairmanship of the icoc.

By the way, dear readers, it’s a job no one else wants and this, rather than any other reason, is why, as we have heard it, dodds has not already been removed.

We were told this by a high-ranking icoc honcho, who was honest enough (in private) to admit, in his opinion, dodds defrauded LACMA and deserves to be removed from the icoc leadership and seriously, and publicly, chastised for the greed and stupidity he employed in pawning off the bogus “bellini” on them.

But back to dodds’s Konya rug, one of the grossest and most ghastly examples of the genre we’ve seen.

“Strap-work”? Phlueeze, mr dodds, get a grip. Remember, you’re not still writing for likes of rug-dummies, like dale gluckman and your kool-aid drinking fans, when you post this claptrap BS on the internet.

Your rug is a contrived, two-tone, boring bordered, later 19th century (at best) airport-art “yatak”.

Once again it is, in reality, nothing close to your flowery description.

A description even a know-rug-little shyster, like you, should have realized would never fly in the real world.

But that, dear readers, is the problem; there is no real world in doddsdom(rug-dumb) – aka the hali, icoc/acor troika; hajjiland; etc.

That’s why dodds has remained unsullied by the fiasco he caused by the proven cheating, thieving and lying in selling LACMA the bogus “bellini”.

Rugdom’s ongoing, and apparent, acceptance of carpet-bagger dodds speaks little for there being any integrity in this field and far, far less about any, a thief like dodds, could ever demonstrate.

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