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Thu, Nov 8th, 2007 11:14:55 PM
Topic: Humpty-Dumpty

Cover-ups don't work and LACMA's attempts so far have been transparent and futile. However, until the fat-lady sings and dodds's is approached first privately and then, if necessary, publicly no other course of action can be viewed as change.

LACMA has firm grounds to press dodds in any venue and will prevail but should they lose and all else fail let them then at least honestly admit the dodds rug is a mid-18th century made for market, workshop, reproduction of a “bellini”-style rug, not the real mccoy.

It is not a masterpiece of woven art; far from that laughable or any other such ludicrous perspective.

There is clear evidence dodds defrauded LACMA's agent, curator dale gluckman, by presenting false information she then repeated to the Collectors Committee that voted to appropriate the 250K to purchase it.

Had they been presented with the truth, RK is positive they would have never voted its purchase.

Had gluckman done proper investigation prior to recommending its purchase, RK is sure she would have uncovered enough to realize dodds's gross mis-representations and lies.

But sadly this never happened, nor did anything else to derail dodds's unbecoming caper.

This gross incompetence is the egg dripping off LACMA's chin, and why coming clean and admitting the truth is a worse choice then more pointless coverup is beyond RK’s understanding.

But clearly not theirs.

RK says: Its time to admit error; make dodds do likewise, straighten out the crooked road of deceit, lies and coverup now winding its way around LACMA like a boa-- and not the bright colored feather type.

Trying to cover up such gross incompetence is futile, and LACMA's continuing only demonstrates an inability to deal with the facts honestly.

This is a larger and far more interesting story than a two-bit carpet bagging rug dealer/cum "scholar" who manages to sneak one by a naive and trusting curator, no matter how dubious his spiel or how trusting and naive was she.

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