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Tue, Dec 28th, 2010 12:33:20 PM
Topic: U Can't Fix Dumb

This morning we took a short stroll through Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price's rug sandbox website.

It is actually amazing these magpie rug morons keep at it with such verve and intensity.

Lately, the objects of their dumb-bell concerns have centered on Ersari, Middle Amu Darya in today's ruggie parlance, mina khani designed rugs and trappings.

So far in numerous posting these ill-equipped rug-clowns have said nothing original or made even one observation that has done anything other than allow them to see their names in print online.

Here, perhaps, one of the most ludicrous examples:

"I agree that the mina khani design is probably a relatively late addition to the design repertoire of the Turkmen weaving group(s) that adopted the design. Hans Konig suggests that these designs that he attributes to Persian influence came rather late to the Ersari/MAD weaving groups. Dodds' rug doesn't look very late though, so perhaps there were some of these designs kicking around the region earlier."

Nuff said, for the gadzillionth time? Get off the net price and take the chirping magpie rug morons in tow with you.

Author: jc
Tue, Dec 28th, 2010 12:33:20 PM

It has been a year since RK wrote anything about steve price=clown.

During that year RK is sad to report professor price=clown's tiny thimble of oriental rug knowledge base has not increased measurably, or apparently one iota.

Nor has his ability to realize what a turko-putz and schmuck he is.

Let's revisit this page on December 29, 2011 and see if the rug-dope chemistry professor from Virginia Commonwealth University has:

1. made it thru another year without taking a permanent dirt-nap

2. managed to add anything to his pathetically puny knowledge base of oriental rugs

3. decided to throw in the towel and take his piss-puddle of a website, turk0tek.com offline

4. and if the others are long-shots this one's a Haley' comet -- finally figured out what a rug-boob and moron he is and posted an apology on the internet for having done so publicly for so long

Author: jc
Tue, Dec 29th, 2009 07:09:35 AM

RK has given up making professor steven price look like an idiot -- he is doing it for us, as well as we could ever hope.

Plus we have no time to waste on this moron of immense proportions.

Author: jc
Thu, Jan 24th, 2008 08:27:04 PM

He's at it again.

Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve, the rug fool, price made the following confession, yesterday:

" I have no experience with producing carpets, but have the impression that the weaving is the major part of the labor involved in doing so.

I don't know where that impression came from, but it doesn't matter very much.

Would you agree, then, that the actual weaving accounts for less than 25% of the total labor involved?"

His problem is not knowing the difference between airport-art and the real thing.

Such a statement proves this rug challenged professor's understanding of the idiom is at idiot level.

Of course weaving is less, probably even less than twenty-five percent of the total time it took to produce an early Tekke main.

First off, collecting the various insect dyes used to make the red was far more time consuming than the time to produce, say, madder. But this also took months to do and years to grow the plants.

So if the real production time necessary to collect and process the "raw" materials necessary to dye the wool in early Tekke mains is added to the actual dyeing time and mordanting... we believe you get the picture.

Growing the wool, feeding the animals, shearing, cleaning and carding the wool; then spinning, all this took lots of time.

But for all the time price=clown has been buying airport-art rugs, he thinks are real, for him not to have ever given one minutes thought to this question until now is just another admission how little he knows, how disinterested he is in admitting it, and how unfit he is to moderate anything, probably even the subject of his doctorate.

Get off the net, price=clown, and take flab-bag jim, that old fool howe, cut and paste filiberto and the rest of your pathetic supporters with ya -- good riddance, you pos

PS: it's not funny(ha ha, ha ha)

Author: jc
Tue, Jan 22nd, 2008 05:44:59 PM

Another price-ism for the day:

"Hi Martin

I have no objections to speculation as long as it isn't dressed up to look like facts. I lead as rich a fantasy life as anyone here.

Steve Price"

No doubt a big part of that fantasy life is believing he is capable of moderating an online rug discussion.

An even bigger part is believing he knows anything about an old rug.

Author: jc
Tue, Jan 22nd, 2008 08:21:06 AM

There is no doubt RK's assessment that Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price is a rug-challenged imp is correct.

The stupid statements price makes about old oriental rugs have proven his inability to understand not only the fine points of these objects but even the fundamentals.

But price's failures pale in comparison to his ridiculous belief he is knowledgeable enough to voice his dumb as a box of rocks opinions in public or to lead any group wishes to explore this subject.

Today's installment from price included this remark:

" Hi Rich
I agree that most people, under the right circumstances, can and probably would develop an affection and appreciation for oriental rugs. But the simple, inescable(sic) fact is that a very small proportion of the population is enlightened in this regard, even in the developed part of the world.

It's their loss, and they don't even feel badly about it.

Steve Price"

RK has trouble to consider, let alone credence, price's belief he is any more enlightened about this subject than any layman who had recently visited a "going out of business" rug store.

RK has said it before and will be glad to say it again: price's main problem is his absurd belief he has any real understanding, experience or expertise as a rug collector.

His mediocre, at best collection, of airport art rugs and dopey published statements prove price is nothing more than a big-mouthed rug poseur who should be embarassed to open his mouth about rugs in any forum, public or not.

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