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Tue, Nov 27th, 2007 01:38:18 PM
Topic: LACMA, hali and the bogus "bellini" saga

Several long weeks ago, RK learned Dr. Gilberg, LACMA's head scientist, will be submitting his Istanbul talk to hali for publication.

While astute readers of RugKazbah.com know there were other rounds of c14 dating, besides the now well publicized results from the second round, few others in rugland have been informed, thanks to LACMA’s continuing cover-up of the facts surrounding their purchase and post-purchase head-scratching over dodds’s bogus “bellini”, there were other c14 tests.

Actually, there have been three separate rounds of c14 dating- all done at the same lab in Phoenix, Arizona at University of Arizona's facility.

The first round of c14 dating was done before Dr. Gilberg began his work at the museum.

It provided no clear date but rather, as we have heard, results that were not at all meaningful or reliable.

The second round, the first one Gilberg did, came back with a 95.4% probability of a date 1450-1650 for the rug.

LACMA, and others who are not in any way alarmed, or concerned, about dodds’s thievery, greed, fraudulent statements and outright lies, have used this "probability" dating to support their absolutely untenable idea the rug is, if not circa 1550 and a masterpiece of its type(which it clearly isn't to anyone not wearing rose-colored glasses), at least circa 1650.

However, few people outside RugKazbah.com's readership know about the third round of c14 dating Gilberg then also undertook.

Sadly for those who still believe dodds's lies and crapola, this third round of c14 dating, like the first round, returned no reliable or credible results to demonstrate dodds's bogus "bellini" is circa 1450-1650.

In fact, this third round has nullified the result from the second round, and all those who have hung their hats on that will now have to find another ploy to prove dodds's rug is not everything RK claims it to not to be.

A propos to this situation, we are sure Gilberg's hali piece will be honest enough to include the third round results, and to discuss the second round's finding both in that light, as well as the results from the first round.

RK recently contacted hali's head honchos and told them we know of their plans to publish Gilberg's talk and the c14 findings.

We suggested hali give RK the opportunity to discuss the rug, Gilberg's investigations of it, the c14 dating and, of course, dennis dodds's misrepresentations, errors and lies. After all, it’s high time hali removed themselves from their own ongoing and stupidly postured cover-up of the facts RK has published here on this website.

And while it is patently clear to all in rugdom hali doesn't have enough knowledge, honesty and balls to tell the truth about this sorrowful affair, and dodds’s fraudulent actions, they should, at least, provide others who have and can the opportunity.

It is also apparent hali has no desire to do this as dodds is still, in many quarters, rugdom's darlin' -- well, at least now only in those where sycophantic head-nodders, who still believe dodds is anything but the greedy carpet-bagging rug know-little and shyster we have proven him to be, remain .

So if hali does go ahead and publish Dr. Gilberg's paper without allowing RK, or anyone else, to comment with fact, honesty and truth that Gilberg can't and won't for obvious reasons include, it will once again prove hali's penchant for putting their selfish, self-motivated purposes and financial concerns ahead of honest, factual and truthful reportage.

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