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Sun, Jan 20th, 2008 10:39:08 AM
Topic: RK's New Year Message: 2008

This year, we have two and without further ado we will share them with you.

First and foremost is the imperative need to address and stop the unbelievable and unconstitutional momentum destroying not only the American way of Life but, far worse, civilization and the entire fabric of humanity in the process.

Religion has always been used an excuse for War; one of many excuses, and is it not Finally Time for everyone to realize there is plenty for everyone on this Earth, and in this life?

All we can say is "No more War should be the words on everyone's Lips; make sure they are on yours.

Our second New Year's Message concerns a quote we've heard several times during our adventures with Historic Oriental Rugs:

"It's all about color."

This short sentence might appear to have only one meaning to most if not all those who claim to be rug dealer or collector. Surely it had that meaning to the dealer we first heard say it.

That meaning, of course, implied the q-u-a-l-i-t-y of the rug's color is the most important factor trumping the two other aspects, technique and iconographic, usually cited as significant.

RugKazbah.com's readers know RK seeks iconography above all else, and just on that basis we'd have to put up argument.

By the way, the dealer is/was archy robbins formerly of San Francisco Union and Clay street rug-Emporiums.

Actually, RK has since come to believe it wasn't archy's quip but one he lifted from his best client, ebberhard hermann.

But we digress, let's get to the meat of the matter Here, as RK has not yet actually begun to explain our second New Year's Message.

Also, We must re-mention RugKazbah.com is not an online Rug Academy, and while we enjoy sharing the wonders and mysteries of historic Oriental Rugs we are not here to unravel them to advance our competition's abilities.

"It is all about color", right OK, but it's all about: Recognizing differences certain colors exhibit date the weaving in which they appear.

Just as in European paintings, historic oriental rug genres exhibit certain distinct colors and color palette associations that can be successfully related To fact and history.

For instance, and obviously, end of the 19th century "colors" are easy to recognize, and after handling many older weavings it becomes equally clear mid- and early 19th also have (but not as easily discovered) their own color clues.

Then 18th century versus 17th, and 16th/15th likewise present the same identifiable paradigm.

So, in the end it might just really be all "about color" - just not in the simplistic metaphor hermann, and his former supplier robbins, intended.

With New Year's Eve nigh upon us -- Have a safe celebration and a prosperous, Healthy 2008.

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