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Wed, Jan 2nd, 2008 11:00:41 PM
Topic: Old Dog, Old Trick

So far dodds has avoided having to face the music for the outrageous deceptions he perpetrated in selling the now quite famous bogus “bellini” rug to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

However, dodds has not escaped the reality he is a rug poser, who has been consistently proven to be a rug know-little, serial over-dater and over-charger for his merchandise.

RK is still working behind the scenes on the LACMA issue and eventually we are positive our efforts will force dodds to publicly address his thieving actions in regards to this fraud.

Regardless of the rumors dodds is “retiring” he still is posting pieces on the internet but lately his approach has been to list them as NFS(not for sale).

Recently, we spied two of these pseudo-offerings and would like to take this opportunity to comment.

First dodds, a premier rug scheister if there ever was one, posted a detail of this rug with his happy holiday greetings:

Some astute readers will recognize this rug as one RK discussed some long time ago here on RugKazbah.com.

While dodds claims in an email we have been made privy to that the rug is now not for sale, several years ago it was offered by dodds to another informant of ours for 150,000 pounds(about $310,000 in today’s dollars).

Another recent dodds internet NFS offering was also offered to the same informant of ours.

It was priced at 43,000 pounds(about $88,000).

Both of these rugs dodds is peddling are seriously over-dated and over-priced and undoubtedly this is why dodds is adopting the NFS ploy to try and sell them to the types of unsuspecting, gullible and naďve buyers he often cultivates.

Not only are both rugs over-dated but we would also argue the provenances dodds has hung on them are equally as questionable.

The reality rugdom’s icoc is led by a carpet-bagger like dodds bodes poorly for any idea scholarship and self-vetting in this collecting area are anything but useless talk and BS.

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 2nd, 2008 11:00:41 PM

The fact dennis dodds is a disingenuous carpet-bagger reveals itself again and again.

Posting a photo of a rug

that has been flogged from Maine to Spain with an NFS:Price:priceless ticket hung on it like it came from the Vatican Collection is such BS.

But, then, considering this dodds offered the LACMA bogus "bellini" for 10 plus years and at prices way, w-a-y under what they paid.....

Author: jc
Sun, Dec 30th, 2007 08:20:44 PM

As if on cue, dodds has thrown up some of his inventory with prices on the website where we spied the NFS pieces.

Maybe he'd do better getting a Street Peddler's License and have a going out of business sale on Wilshire Ave?

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