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Author:written by D.J. Volatile posted by jc
Sat, Jan 5th, 2008 04:47:09 PM
Topic: Active Soldiers Join new Anti-War Organization

(ed. The reality those who want a war are never those who fight it has been the M.O. since the time of the Romans.

The quotes cited below are from an article written by an active duty soldier who has started a new Anti-War movement called "Appeal for Redress".

Follow the link below for the full article but here is an excellent and representative quotation):

"And it seems to be working. "At present, there are over two thousand active duty personnel who have signed on to the Appeal for Redress and that number continues to grow. This number represents all branches of the US Military, includes the National Guard and Reserves and Individual Ready Reserves, those men and women having completed their active duty assignment but are consolidated within a special emergency reserve force", as Jonathan explains."


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