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Tue, Jan 8th, 2008 09:30:36 AM
Topic: Trouble in the Barnyard

Virginia Commonwealth University professor, steven price, his rug discussion website and his barnyard assortment of rug clowns, posers and fools has, in the past, received much commentary here.

However, lately, RugKazbah.com has ignored price and company's activities, which is not to say their content or quality have improved or have been above continued scrutiny.

Far from it is the reality but, frankly, we have decided why bother with price, as he and the rest of his rug magpie posters have so little understanding of the topic they can not even see how ridiculous most of their chatter truly is.

We only mention this because today we noticed one of price's star rug clown dummies and post-a-day fool, gene williams, has dared to question price's authority and belief he has anything cogent to say about an oriental rug, especially an old one.

Here's the salient part of what williams wrote:

" Distrust
I hate to say it publically(sic) but feel I must because after several days it still sticks in my craw. Your derogatory comments about me and the deleted poppy line have led me to quite a level of distrust in your fairness. You proposefully(sic) singled out the "poppy line" for ridicule in your defense of Murry Eiland (who doesn't need defending). You then backed it up with some blatant falsehoods about what was said about Jack's bag. And, if you want I'll go through Eiland line by line and show were he was wrong about aspects of the Baluch.

If I can't trust you to tell the truth about deleted lines or at least keep an open mind about certain controversial subjects, then the basis of intellectual collaboration doesn't exist and the willingness to challenge conventional thought has gone out the window. We went through this once before when you accused me (falsely) of fanaticism on the Tree of Life prayer rug line about 18 months ago. In any event, I'm not going to post for awhile because I am really really upset at what I feel is a betrayal of trust. You take your responsibility for posting that stuff after the thread had disappeared.

Fact is anyone who differs from price's opinions, or has the intellect to question his typically stupid rug remarks and authority, is treated the way williams was.

Just to prove what a self-possessed, power-tripping rug moron and more price is, as well as for completeness, we will post his reply to williams:

"Hi Gene

I take full responsibility for everything I've posted here or anywhere else, and I stand by every word I've posted in this thread. You're 100% right about one thing, though: you aren't going to be posting here for awhile. Steve Price"

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