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Fri, Jan 11th, 2008 07:38:07 PM
Topic: hali, LACMA and the bogus "bellini"

RugKazbah.com has just learned there will be a report about the LACMA bogus "bellini" in the forthcoming issue of hali (#154 winter 2007).

We have learned no particulars yet but we have been informed it will appear in the "forum" with the following as the synopsis:

"The age and authenticity of LACMA’s recently purchased Anatolian village is tested."

We wrote some time ago about hali's plans to publish LACMA's conservation department's c14 and other investigations and we presume this will be the gist of this newly advertised look at the dodds fraud.

But RK is sure we will all be presented with the same BS hali has published in the past supporting dodds, his bogus "bellini" rug and the fraud he perpetrated in selling it to LACMA.

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