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Fri, Jan 25th, 2008 11:12:05 AM
Topic: Revisionist History

Sadly, rugdom is full of those who believe history is only something to be revised to their liking or to suit their needs and wants.

The magazine hali is full of examples of this, as are other publications.

Naturally the internet is equally as besotted with those who believe they can, with impunity, revise history and get away with it.

They are almost entirely right, as no one save RK and our RugKazbah.com website is courageous and knowledgeable enough to shed light on these attempts.

Today, as we do several times a week, we viewed Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price's website, and for the first time read with amusement the "history" of the site therein published.

Here it is with our, as always, breath of fresh air and truthful comments added in bold type

"****(these stars automatically appear when the full name of price's site is written)History

**** was conceived and developed by Tom Stacy in early 1997 as a high quality web site devoted to the appreciation of textiles, especially tribal weavings.

In late 1998 he enlisted a group of rug enthusiasts (Wendel Swan, Marvin Amstey, Irwin and Ginny Kirsch, Jerry Silverman, John Howe, Saul Barodofsky, Daniel Deschuyteneer, Larry Joseph and Steve Price) to operate the site. We discontinued the Discussion Forum and Marketplace because we believe that other unmoderated forums adequately serve the community, and that our site will function best without commercial elements."

Fact remains Tom Stacy's website was a failure, partially because he might have been a bit too early on the web, but more so, because the site was boring and unable to attract any audience. RK has heard Stacy did not solicit price and others to work it for, or with, him. Rather he was going to give it up when price and others offered to take it off his hands. This is far more likely a story than the one price spins. Plus the removal of their 'Discussion Forum' was entirely motivated by price's need to keep RK and others from joining the discussions because we brought truth and reality into them. Of course that truth and reality showed price and others to be the fools and rug clowns we have characterized them as. There is little doubt price can not tell the truth about things because in doing so he will expose many of his distortions and mistruths, like this fantasy explanation of the disappearance of the "Discussion Forum".

"In late 1998 we introduced "**** du Tapis d'Orient", a specialized forum based upon the ****. This was a form of social interaction popular during the 19th century. It involved a group meeting at regular intervals to discuss prearranged topics of interest, usually in someone's home. The topic was often chosen by the host. Ours is a virtual ****, with a panel of hosts choosing a topic for discussion about once a week (in February 1999 this was changed to every second week). Contributions to the discussion can be made for about 10 days, after which it is summarized and, a few days later, archived. We hope the archives will be useful sources of information for some time into the future."

Here price is also doing nothing but twirling imaginary pizza dough and wrapping it around his fat head. The ****s, or saloons as RK refers to them, are surely not weekly, or even bi-weekly, but they surely are weak.

The majority of them are nothing but a worthless assortment of price and company's fractured fairy-tale approach to oriental carpets - laughable and ludicrous.

"In February 1999 we initiated an informal board for posting images and comments on rugs that our readers thought interesting. This is modeled after the "show and tell" sessions that are popular features of some conferences, and we call it our Virtual Show and Tell Forum."

99.9% of the images posted to price site are mediocre, commercial tourist items not worthy of discussion by anyone other than those, like price and company, who not only canít recognize the difference but enjoy reveling in that ignorance.

"In November 2001 Filiberto Boncompagni was added to the group that operates the site."

Another clown of price proportions is this rug-moron, filberto, who believes knowledge is displayed by cutting-and-pasting what others have written. So far price, filberto and the rest of them have hardly ever done anything original or worthwhile. Of course, they believe differently and what else to expect from rug-clowns who post daily dribble and think they are doing anything other than seeing their names in print?

"In February and March 2002 we added sections for announcements and for discussion of miscellaneous rug-related topics not appropriate to Show and Tell, began archiving selected discussion topics in addition to the ****s, and reduced the schedule of new **** openings to once a month."

Reading their "archive" does nothing other than reinforce what RK, and others, have always claimed -- price and his group are rug fools who have contributed next to nothing to this art area.

"We hope our virtual guests will show the same good manners that guests in our homes do, including identifying themselves and avoiding offensive or irrelevant comments. The hosts will have the ability to delete posts that are detrimental to a pleasant atmosphere for constructive discussion.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions for us, please send them to me for transmittal to the others. We hope you will enjoy ****, and that you will participate in our discussions.

Steve Price

Revisionist price's deletions, of which there are numerous examples, are solely motivated by his desire to protect himself from those who show what a rug-fool he is and how incorrect and off the wall many of his comments are.

Don't believe us? Go a check with price and if you can get him to show you these deletions you will see the majority, if not almost all, of them were made to remove those who questioned, and or proved, how stupid price's comments are/were.

Get off the net, price you rug dummy, and take cut and paste filly and the rest of your barnyard rug critters with you.

Lord knows it's way past your time to do so.

Author: jc
Fri, Jan 25th, 2008 11:12:05 AM

Today's bit of let's pull the wool over their eyes and see if they notice from the hali website concerns their head honcho, Daniel Schaffer's, egoistic take on London's present scene for displaying on sale textiles publicly.

Here's what Shaffer, who is not against revising history for hali's agenda and benefit, wants you to believe:

"The cessation of the HALI Fair at Olympia has meant that opportunities in London for the commercial display to the general public of carpets and textiles, whether fine or decorative, are severely limited.

It is therefore reassuring that a handful of dealers from London and the home counties, all of whom have exhibited at one or several HALI Fairs, have found a niche at the triannual Decorative Antiques and Textile Fairs, organised every Winter, Spring and Autumn by Patricia and Ralph Harvey in the marquee in Battersea Park."

RK used to spend a lot of time in London back in the late 70's through 1990 and we attended a number of specialized Textile Fairs way back then.

These fairs were going concerns for textile and rug dealers to ply their wares and Shaffer's attempt to pitch this Battersea Park Fair as anything different is just more hali-speak and ego-stroke.

So is the idea venues for this type of exhibition are any more limited today then they were 10, or even 25 yeasrs ago.

The fact hali has given up presenting the hali fair has not made dealers exhibit at Battersea Park. That's nonsense as they would have been there even if hali was still organizing their Olympia Fair.

RK says: It's time for Shaffer and hali to get off their high horses and realize they need rugdom far more than rugdom needs them, or their unpleasant and repetitious penchant to revise history for their own purposes and good.

Author: jc
Sat, Jan 12th, 2008 04:08:56 PM

'scuze us but we seem to have erred in declaring price closed Stacy's Discussion Forum to keep us and others out.

Regardless of when he did it, he did close it down, and that plus everything else we wrote there, and elsewhere, is right on.

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