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Tue, Feb 19th, 2008 09:14:15 PM
Topic: Time to Say Bye Bye, price

RK has railed about Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price’s abysmally low knowledge and understanding of oriental rugs for years.

We have pointed out many of professor price’s ridiculous, incorrect and absurd ideas and opinions about rugs to no avail.

RK has quoted price’s in print rug stupidity more times than should have been necessary to prove what a rug ignoramus this man is.

Still nothing happens, and price goes on his merry way moderating a rug discussion board that is so low both price, his team of equally challenged board members, and the discussion board itself could easily pass under a pregnant ant in a wheel rut.

And for those of you who have never seen a pregnant ant in a wheel rut, let RK tell you it’s just about as low as one can go.

But today, in answering a set of questions posed by a poster to price’s discussion board, professor price once again, as always, distinguished himself as a rug moron and clown.

Here is the question:

#6) How many people purchase pieces (including fragments) primarily to better understand weaving history (structure or design?

Here is price’s dumbass reply – one that again proves his unsuitability to moderate anything about oriental rugs—even a kindergarten class:

Not at all."

So let’s be clear here, the clown of rugdom, steve price, does not purchase a rug to learn about weaving history.

Gosh, what a revelation…..no wonder he is so devoid of understanding.

Get off the net, price you rug idiot and take the rest of your crew and some of the equally as moronic magpie posters with you.

Author: Cevat Kanig
Tue, Feb 19th, 2008 09:14:15 PM

RK Replies:

Ha Ha


Jackass, I am sick of you guys,you know nothing about rugs even your self, this is my last post here in your "stupit" board,I will be the new oriental rug discussion board at www.orientalrugsdisccusionforum.com. idiot!

Author: Cevat Kanig
Sun, Feb 17th, 2008 08:22:58 AM

RK Replies:

Actually, cevat kanig, RK could care less what you think about Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price's abilities to moderate his rug-sandbox website.

Nor do we care about his or his buddy filiberto, the cut and paste rug-moron's, dirty socks or anything else.

Save your words and go post them elsewhere, we do not want know anything about you, or whatever you might do or say.

You are a rug-runt, a wannabe nobody and like steev and filberto someone who knows next to nothing about an old rug.

Go get lost, cevat kanig. Take your stupid opinions, your threats, the rest of your lame act, and especially that commercial Kerman you foolishly believe is 17th century, with you.


I am here today to say that Steve Price and Filiberto Broccoli, brain is frozen Rug known idiots they can not manage a website as fairly, They closed a thread without discussion it , they are the editor of a web site they should discuss rugs instant of making an order. That’s why I am not going to write this web site under their editing, but fallow them and bring up here their dirty socks, so you can see that what kind of idiots are editing the web site.

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