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Author:Aykhan Mammadov
email: aikhan@unitech.az
Tue, Jan 29th, 2008 04:14:44 PM
Topic: Questions about fake new caucasian carpets.

HI, As I wrote I'm not specialist in carpets, just started to study a little for my soul. Today In Azerbaijan if I go to Icheri-Sheher district of Baku ( Inner City = Old city) I find there many sellers and small shops. One from them is Seyed's shop not so good known as Azerilme ( www.azerilme.az ), its address www.carpet.az ( yet only in Russian unfortunately but clicking u can find the gallery there), it probably offers best range of new Azerbaijan carpets there ( Azerilme is placed in another district of the city). But since prices vary and sometimes for 2 times some questions rised in my head. I understand that if u go out of Baku, to smaller cities, Guba, Gazakh .. or villages u will find same natural wool on wool basement carpets much cheaper, because in villages they don't have taxes and etc.. and might sell them cheaper. So I have the following questions: 1. Does anybody in Pakistan or China produce the same kind NEW natural wool carpets with wool base and of the same designs as Gazakh, Garabakh and etc.. 2. If Yes, can u give me internet addresses of a few workshops ? 3. If Yes, are they much cheaper than those produced in Azerbaijan today? 4. Is it possible to differ new wool carpet made in Azerbaijan from made in China or somewhere else ? How? 5. I understand interest in old antiques. But are hand-made, real wool, really produced in Azerbaijan New carpets popular in USA and Europe today ? Thanks in advance, Aykhan.

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