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Tue, Feb 12th, 2008 08:46:34 AM
Topic: Challenge

It is almost 4 years since dodds unloaded that bogus, late genre period reproduction, "bellini" rug, with the help of a gullible, naive and trusting Los Angeles County Art Museum(LACMA) curator, on LACMA's Collector's Circle of benefactors.

RK has proven dodds cheated his way into the sale and anyone who has read our reports know this well.

So does dodds but because he feels he is immune to, and above, reproach he continues on his merry way over-dating and over-charging for the merchandise he peddles under the guise he is an "academic" and expert.

He is neither and on top, he is a cheat, liar and thief.

Those are heavy words and RK is willing to back them up anytime dodds wants to try and silence us.

However, RK knows dodds won't because not only are we correct in all our accusations but he knows doing so will only attract more attention to our position.

So, therefore, we once again challenge dodds to meet us in an online, or physical, debate to try and disprove our contentions by proving his.

Since dodds is such a big shot in puny rugland, RK would like to demonstrate not only what a cheat and liar he is but also prove his know-next-to-nothing alleged expert status as a rug collector and connoisseur.

WE know this challenge will also be ignored by dodds, and well it should, because anytime he's willing to get on a stage, virtual or otherwise, with us we will reduce him to the rug-weasel and carpet-bagging creep he proves consistently himself to be.

OK dodds, you miserable excuse for an human being, let's see you try and prove your bogus "bellini" is anything but the piece of crap mid-18th century or later factory-produced copy RK has claimed since day one.

Author: jc
Tue, Feb 12th, 2008 08:46:34 AM

The fact dodds will not accept our challenge demonstrates the reality he knows we will destroy any argument or comments he might try make in support of his dubious and highly questionable opinions concerning the bogus "bellini" he sold to LACMA, as well as any ability he might have to support the idea he is a rug expert.

We have proven dodds's "bellini" rug is a nothing but a late period genre reproduction.

We have proven the "expertise" he concocted to convince a naive gullible curator at LACMA is equally as specious and fallacious.

And lastly, we have proven dodds to be a cheat and carpet-bagging thief for blatantly lying in his efforts to unload the rug on LACMA.

RK would relish the opportunity to demolish dodds's stupid and absurd claims the "bellini" is circa 1550, or even 1650, and a museum worthy example.

It is neither and even dopey dodds knows this and that's the reason he will never accept our challenge.

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