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Tue, Feb 5th, 2008 09:00:40 PM
Topic: Let's All Remember, Re:LACMA

Below is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Gallery Label for the bogus "bellini" when it was first exhibited in 2005.

Any notions the museum supposedly bought a mid-17th century rug, like much of what Dr. Gilberg wrote, is proven false by fact and history.

RK grows weary of pointing this out to him, the Museum's director Michael Govan and rugdom.

Coverups don't work, especially ones as poorly orchestrated as this one has been.

This was taken off the internet on 2.22.05 from this URL in LACMA's website:


"Turkey, Anatolia, Konya region
Double-Niche Carpet
16th century"

Exhibition Wall Label from "Luxury Textiles, East and West", the exhibition where the dodds's bogus "bellini" was masqueraded as the real thing. Shame it is a centuries newer, mediocre, copy and not nearly what the accompanying labeling describes:

" In sixteenth-century Europe, carpets from Turkey were luxury imports. Rarely placed on the floor, however, these richly patterned textiles were draped over tables, beds, or chests to proclaim the wealth and status of their owners. The natural dyes in this carpet are barely faded, providing a rare opportunity to experience their original vibrancy. The clear shapes and clean lines of the carpetís design give it an unusually strong architectural quality.
Knotted wool pile on wool foundation
98 1/2 x 64 1/2 in. (250.19 x 163.83 cm)
Gift of the 2004 Collectors Committee
Currently on public view
Department Costume and Textiles
Place Turkey, Anatolia, Konya region"

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