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Sat, Feb 16th, 2008 08:42:24 PM
Topic: 17th Century? Safavid? Are you Joking?

(ed. While we placed this post in "Pictures for Discussion" there is no discussion necessary, or even possible, that might substantiate the absurdly ignorant claim this rug is 17th century or anything but what we have stated below.)

There is little, in fact, no doubt Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price, and the group of rug-idiot magpies who flock to his virtual pigeon-pen of rug stupidity, know nothing about oriental rugs.

Nor does it seem they will ever learn about them, or realize how foolish and ridiculous their comments and ass-backwards ideas and opinions actually are.

One of these rug-fools has posted, and reposted, the following late 19th/early 20th century commercial, factory woven Kerman on the internet claiming it is “17th century” and "Safavid". It is neither.

This assertion is as absurd a claim as professor price’s beliefs he can successfully and competently moderate a rug discussion website.

Bloody bullturds is all RK could say to these claims or any of the other equally preposterous ones that regularly appear on price’s crapola, see your name in print, website.

Here is a close-up of a corner of the rug:

The owner, who is about a dumb a rug poseur as any who post to price’s website, claims to be a rug expert.

Well, perhaps in price’s barnyard collection of rug morons, this individual can claim expertise.

However, in any real rug-world environment, a clown like cevat kanig would be dismissed as nothing more than another rug-idiot and laughed all the way back to Turkey.

Time is growing short for rugdom to clean house and starting the vacuum cleaner on price’s website, along with removing dodds from his icoc perch, would be quite effective a start.

Time’s seriously running out folks and as long as price, dodds, and many other similar sore points of rugdom, like those bogus “Ottoman” embroideries and over-dated and hype kaitags, are not addressed there will be little opportunity for rugdom to assume its proper, and well-deserved, place in the art world.

Silence is consent and until rugdom gets vocal these and other embarrassing episodes, and individuals, will continue to, like a ship dragging its anchor, prevent any real forward movement.

Think RK is exaggerating or kidding? Think again, rugdom, and think carefully -- as our ship is not only going nowhere but taking on water like the Titanic.

Author: CK
Sat, Feb 16th, 2008 08:42:24 PM

RK Replies:

You wore out your welcome here long ago, cevat kanig.

Everytime you post here you convince us you are the rug-runt, wannabe nobody we have characterized you as.

Your belief the piece of crap commercial Kerman you are pimping as 17th century Safavid proves not only how little you know about rugs but, more importantly, what a jerk and foul mouthed pip-squeek you truly are.

We realize it's a waste of time responding to your posts but we promise this will be the last time we warn you.

So consider this not only a final warning but a reality -- you will be legally shut down and shut up if you continue to defame and slander us here or anywhere else.


Jackass, To consired your self as rug expert,it is like an idiot consider him self as a genius. My english is not problem to me, i can understand people and people understand me, only stupid idiot like you just trying to insultand my Intelligency. my english is not your problem dummy,neither my kids nor others. who do you think you are, you are a crap, lives on the street in a Van, have no family, pathetic, misraable pervert.

Author: C.K.
Sat, Feb 16th, 2008 02:29:22 PM

RK Replies:

The long hiatus since your last post here has obviously not allowed you to improve your English, nor your rug comprehension.

You have been trying to sell/pimp/unload this rug as 17thC for a long time.

Maybe your children think it is but no-one who knows what the word Kerman means will ever believe different.

You are a rug-runt, cevat, and like steev a wanna-be nobody.

And speaking of steev, even a know-nothing of his stature knows your 17th century claims are past stupid.


I have seen many people who thinks they are a rug expert like you but most of them were bullshit teller have big mouth like you. I recomend you to ask your gay friend in Boston area to scratch you. Discussion something to teach you, would be wasting my time, you never admit that you are wrong, you are a person have promlems with you. Idiot!

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