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Sat, Feb 16th, 2008 11:41:16 AM
Topic: Rugdom's Deplorable Condition

Anyone who knows about old rugs, and is honest enough to see things are they are in Rugdom, will have to agree on there are major problems here.

But those major problems are not really all about dodds’s over-dating, over-charging thieving capers, Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price's stupid website, or any of the other "issues" RugKazbah.com has exposed.

No, Rugdom's major problem is silence, and it is surely not the silence of lambs -- it is silence of fools.

Yes, RK is willing to say: All you hajji-babbing, icoc and acor-ites, hali subscribing synchophants are the problem.


Well, for starters, how about the fact not one of you have EVER stood up and complained about these serious issues?

Or for the matter, why have none of you EVER done anything yourselves to try and straighten out them out?

RK knows the reason -- you all are too chicken-shit to confront the status quo and politically correct "standards" these perpetrators rely upon to keep themselves in their positions.

We can positively state not only the stupidity of continuing such a course but also the reality doing so will only result in Rugdom remaining at the bottom of the barrel of the art world.

Daily, RK loses what ever modicrum of respect we have for Rugdom's public persona, and pretty soon we will be bereft of anything other than distain and disgust.

We know there are others who feel the same way. Isn't it about time for those of you who do to stand up and be counted?

Why let the public at large see rug-morons like steven price and his group of equally idiotic posters, or dennis, the cheat, dodds present the public face of Rugdom?

Why let dennis dodds, a proven liar, rug know-little and cheat remain in his high profile position? Remember he uses that position to cheat the naive and gullible, as well as organize "museum" exhibitions to sell his wares--again to the naive and unsuspecting?

Why allow hali magazine to distort realities in rugdom to forward their petty and selfishly oriented agendas?

Why allow hali to support a thief like dodds? Or bless michael, aka little lord, franses BS claims kaitag embroideries are 17th or 18th century when there is absolutely no factual support for such absurd claims?

We could go on and on but why bother -- you all are so afraid, or is it just too lazy, to do something to change this disgusting state of affairs we are getting tired of wasting our time and words on you.

There is NO doubt dodds, his piece of crap late period genre reproduction and bogus "bellini”; professor steve, the rug-clown, price and his crew of rug dummies; hali's distorted press and agenda-based staff, and a myriad of other issues and situations need immediate and long over due attention.

And not until every last one of you realizes this, and then DOES something about it, rugdom will remain a joke in the art world.

Think this is exaggeration or just complaining?

Think again, folks, and while you're at it how about standing up and being counted on the side of fact and truth rather than greed, stupidity and timidity which are the standards rugdom seems to believe are noteworthy and distinguished.

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