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Author:W.J. Cox posted by jc
Wed, Feb 20th, 2008 11:12:07 AM
Topic: Concentration Camps for American Citizens

(ed. This topic, the ongoing progress of legal and congressional preparations and legislation condoning a presidential declaration of martial law, is a very serious and important one about which every American must become aware and knowledgeable.

Already there are grievous and unconstitutional laws concerning the round-up and incarceration "citizens" the government can and will declare to be "enemy combatants" with no oversight or legal say-so.

This is outrageous and the article cited below provides a chillin' introduction to what quite possibly might be in store for us soon.

Here is a paragraph from the article we hope you all will read and then be interested in reading the rest.

"The incursions on civil liberties in the United States in the past 25 years, and particularly since 9-11, are mind-boggling. It matters not whether you are a Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, conservative or liberal, you have been deprived of substantial freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, unnecessarily, in the War on Terrorism. Fear the loss, perceive the danger, and do something about it!

The calendar may say 2008, but, increasingly, we’re living in 1984. America may not have concentration camps yet, but we’re sure enough working on ‘em.")


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