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Sun, Feb 24th, 2008 02:43:56 PM
Topic: 5K$ Can't Refuse Offer from RK(revised)

Besides the fact dodds knows little about historic rugs, RK knows he likes money so we have decided to pay dennis dodds FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to get up on a mutually acceptable stage with us to debate his bogus "bellini" rug, the written "expertise" he submitted to LACMA and the circumstances surrounding LACMA's purchase of the rug.

So here it is, dodds, we will legally escrow with a major US bank the five grand and after our "debate", no matter what happens, the money will be yours providing you complete the 90 minute debate on stage. If you fail to show, walk off or leave the stage for any reason then, of course, you will not get paid.

RK is willing to pay for the privilege of demonstrating in public what a piece of crap your ex-bogus "bellini" rug is compared to real ones.

We will also enjoy destroying your stupid ideas concerning the rug, particularly the notion it is an "example of central Anatolian Turkmen weaving".

So get off your butt now dodds; you're being offered 5G's to debate not only a rug but your reputation as an oriental rug "expert".

Regardless of the fact we are willing to legally escrow the 5K$, and dodds will get it at the end of the 90 minutes, RK knows a chicken-shit poseur like him will never accept, as his ilk cannot operate their thieving in the light of truth and honesty.

By the way, in case dodds is a bit en retard in reading RugKazbah.com, we've taken the liberty of emailing the above to him at:


We include dodds email address, which is public, for any readers who might want to urge him to take up our offer. You can even help him, if you are foolish enough.

So if dodds fails to accept our offer to debate now, even when we are willing to pay him for appearing, it should be clear to all why he hasn't accepted any of our other past offers -- he's afraid.

He is afraid of the truth.

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