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Author:Aykhan Mammadov
email: aikhan@unitech.az
Fri, Feb 24th, 2012 11:06:51 AM
Topic: Why Armenian motifs among Turkmen rugs ?

Just visted Turkmen site www.turkmencarpets-online.com When I started to browse their catalog I saw all Turkmen models and only one page among them called " Armenian motifs". I opened it and saw what ? - our Azeri-Turkish model " Kara Chop" - the first in the list. Every child speaking any of Turkich languages knows very well Kara is Black and Chop - is a straw. Not Karachopf and other modifications, but just Karachop. And why to modify the word and then argue what does it mean creating so much debates ? And why suddenly Armenian carpets which never existed appeared among Turkmen carpets ? The answer is easy. Probably some Armenians are buying rugs from that Turkman guy, making money in USA or other country and at the same time decided to cheat the world and steal heritage of Turkich world. Armenians rugs are fiction of guys such as O'Connel serving Armenians, and Armenians themselves such as Keshishians, Makarians and etc... Having no carpets, maybe if dream 1-2 models among millions why there are so many Armenians writing about the matter ? Isn't it strange? And if tomorrow say one Arab guy orders to Azeris in Heriz to weave the rug with some words from Koran will that carpet be regarded as Arabian?

Author: Siktir Hayvan Fri, Feb 24th, 2012 11:06:51 AM

You are another Azeri propagandist piece of shit with no history. You Turk Azeri bastards STOLE ENTIRELY FROM ARMENIANS RUG MAKING! "Why all of a sudden Armenian carpets exist if they never existed before?" Idiot - "they did not exist" in the shithole country you live in because you live in a shithole with no knowledge of the outside world. You stupid Azeri scum today copy Armenian rugs as if you were the original weavers of Caucasian rugs. Yeah I believe you, a bunch of Islamic clowns weaving rugs with Christian cross motifs - good luck with your delusional history.

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