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Author:joe Wed, Mar 12th, 2008 12:17:01 PM
Topic: latest auction prices

Hello JC I like to what think of latest auctions such as NE auction, a small 3*5 Kuba made 50K. Thanks

Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Wed, Mar 12th, 2008 12:17:01 PM

RK Replies:

Greetings, John

And, yes, RK agrees with almost all of your sentiments.

However, we do not agree that it is written in stone that dennis, the cheat and liar, dodds will escape paying for his thievery, dishonesty and duplicity.

If you, and everyone else who reads RugKazbah.com, will take the time to write letters to LACMA's director, Michael Govan, expressing your dismay and disgust at dodds's caper, then there will be far more likelihood he and LACMA will be spurred on to confront dodds.

But since no-one other than RK has publicly voiced and protested dodds lies and deceit, LACMA can hardly feel trying to cover-up the mess will not be anything but a success.

When letters from Rugdom arrive on Govan's desk we are sure they will have an effect -- and a substantial one.

Also writing to idiot ben evans, and his masters at hali, more of the same will also have an effect.

If everyone just sits on their hands and keep quiet about this outrageous fiasco then, of course, nothing will happen.

Speak up and have your voice heard instead of allowing hali, dodds and LACMA to muffle any line other than their cover-up, their protection of dodds and his dishonesty.


Then I suspect that you will not be posting for quite a long time. - Dodds is extremely unlikely to "fess up"; why should he if LACMA themselves will not pursue him? - LACMA will not go after him because they don't want to lose face; it is much easier for them to keep quiet. - HALI is an irrelevance. It is unlikely to be in business much longer; its only hope for survival is to get more advertising from the furnishing market. I would be surprised if many serious collectors take it any more.

Author: jc
Mon, Mar 10th, 2008 09:28:24 AM

Instead of posting here anonymously and requesting information from RK, how about spending your time writing letters to dennis, the cheat, liar and thief, dodds; hali's dumbass editors and the director of LACMA, Michael Govan, concerning the purchase of the bogus "bellini" and the cover-up everyone we mention above is involved in perpetrating?

Until there is serious public outcry concerning this and other rug-world issues RugKazbah.com has championed, we will refrain from posting our comments about any other matters.

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