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Fri, Mar 21st, 2008 08:44:30 PM
Topic: 17th/18th Century? Nonsense

Over-dating is a serious problem in Rugdom and anyone who says not is a fool.

Most over-dating is done by dishonest dealers, like dodds, to increase the “value” of their goods and this western Anatolian Turkish workshop, pseudo-Village, rug is a perfect example:

The picture comes from the hajji baba website and, presumably, this rug is included in their upcoming 75th anniversary show and catalog.

However we recommend they change the caption because the rug-boob who captioned it:

"Village Rug, Anatolia, 17th or 18th Century"

needs some serious remedial lessons on the finer points of dating Turish village weavings, even end of the line ones like this rug.

You know, calling a rug like this early 19th, or even circa 1800, is plenty early but pushing it to “17th/18th century" is not only ludicrous but borders on fraudulent.

In another thread we mentioned another “piece” the owner of this rug, ted mast, bought and might we suggest mr mast get some second opinions from RK before he opens his wallet and lets dodds steer him into more over-dated and bogus Turkish Village Rugs, like this one and that horrible “yastic”.

BWT: If thompson, the curator of the show and author of the catalog, puts his name to such a dopey date it only goes further to demonstrate he knows next to nothing about early Turkish Rugs or how to differentiate them from later copies, like the dodds bogus "bellini", thompson vetted as "circa 1550" and a "masterpiece of its type".

Regrettably in Rugdom stupidity reigns and the heralding of thompson and dodds as infallible experts could only be believed by Rugdom's shepple, who lap up this Jim Jones type kool-aid punch-bowl BS as fast as they can swallow.

Gulp, gulp

Author: A. B. Igfan
Fri, Mar 21st, 2008 08:44:30 PM

RK Replies:

Frankly speaking who gives a hoot whether or not you, someone who will not even post in their own name, like it or not.

And by the way, anonymouse, pretty is not exactly a descriptive adjective when used in the manner you have chosen to use it.

RK suggests next time you decide to squeek up on RK's board you learn a bit more about the subject before adding your mini-cents, or is it sense?


Date aside I really like this rug. I never saw one quite like it. With a rug this pretty who cares what date they give it

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