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Mon, Apr 7th, 2008 08:05:51 AM
Topic: Fakes Again


While we agree the rug you cite is highly questionable -- like most of what this seller offers -- and quite probably is some type of reproduction, frankly we care not.

Let all the cheats, like jimbo, aka a-bey, allen, dennis, the liar and cheat, dodds, etc and the dummies in RugDumb, who believe and buy from them, enjoy their stupidity.

RK has no more time or desire to out them for their deceptive salesmanship, or their over-dated and worse offerings.

Why don't you and others, who realize what the situation, is do something about it yourselves?

Start some action, tell RK about it, and we will lend a large helping hand.

But don't come here empty handed and expect us to do the work for you all.

"Nuff said?


Here you go, a fake rug is promoting as an antique Karapinar rug by a dealer. http://www.a-bey.com/stuff/karapinar.jpg

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