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Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 02:40:37 PM
Topic: symposium or sympathy for dodds & the 2 stooges?

Considering dodds, the perpetrator, and the three "accomplices", who vetted the bogus "bellini" for LACMA, will all be on the same stage at the same time at today's hajji baba "symposium" RK will not be surprised to learn later today that no one from the audience raised the important issues that surround this fiasco and blatant deception.

We must comment that one of the vetters, Walter Denny significantly changed his position on the "bellini" after viewing it in person several years ago.

Denny broke with the other two vetters and declared dodds's "bellini" to be circa "...1650-1750, but at the end of that continuum", which was a major statement considering Denny is the only other person, besides RK, to publicly question any part of dodds's allegations and completely irrelevant and ludicrous expertise about the rug.

It's high time for a public airing of this mess but we are sure both thompson and mackie, whose silence on the matter proves not only their culpability but also their abysmal ignorance about early Turkish Village rugs will escape scrutiny once more.

Both of these two supposedly heralded "experts" were unable to identify the late genre period reproduction "bellini" and instead are on record asserting it is circa 1550 and a masterpiece of its type.

The LACMA "bellini" is neither and allowing thompson and mackie to escape public accounting and outrage for their blatant error is downright dumb and stupid.

But, hey, ain't that why RK has labeled RugDumb as RugDumb?

And even though we don't expect anyone to raise this important issue at the hajji gala, we know there's always the possibility someone will rise to the occasion.

However since RK knows, and has demonstrated, 99.9% of RugDumb's population are nothing but chicken-shit sheeple that possibility is not only a long shot but probably an impossibility.

Letting dodds, the liar and cheat; thompson, the carpet-bagging proven early Turkish rug dumbell and questionable academic; and mackie, someone who has proven equally as ignorant about early Turkish rugs as thompson and dodds escape unscathed for their deception and ignorance will, in the end, display once again RugDumb's complete lack of peer review and regrettable dishonesty when it comes to anything approaching self-policing and responsibility.

Author: Poor you
email: m
Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 02:40:37 PM

RK Replies:

Keep it up, dingo. Each time you post we get closer to you.

And any counter suit you could muster would be laughed at by any court, even the kangaroo RugDumb court to which you appear to subscribe.

BTW: your assertions get more ridiculous and absurd as you continue sliding down the slippery slope of stupidity.

Is steev price=clown your mentor?

Careful, relying on him will surely get you into trouble, just watch and see, little man or is it mouse?

NB: We do not need RugKazbah or WAMRI to prove our position; it was proven long ago and is crystal clear to anyone who knows anything about our work, collections and publications.

So if you are so big and brave why do you continue to post anonymously?

It surely makes you look to be the chicken-shit punk you undoubtedly are.

Or did you forget -- probably never learn in your pathetic case: Anyone who feels secure in their position, as all your bluster portends to imply, would not need to hide behind those stupid silly pseudonyms and cheap IP masking software. Remember we are here in our name and allow a miscreant and moron like you to post here freely. Who else does that?

But fear not, little boy, your little world will soon be shaken up, down and sideway.


Wow, Jack! We seem to have hit a nerve. You might want to calm down and take some deep breaths. You wouldn't want to pass out now would ya? You know, the great thing about bogus lawsuits is that they provide opportunities for credible counter suits. I hear your dad bought you a rather nice place. How is that wrist-watch trust fund working out for you, anyway? Your claims of slander are absurd and if you look past your anger you will realize we are right. Drop the bogus victim act. Are you going to name rugkazbah as a co-defendant for facilitating such slander? I guess you didn't major in law, huh?

We all know you think of this pathetic website as your bully pulpit, a perceived safe haven where a looser like you can pretend to have power, influence and a voice of relevance. Sorry for the reality check. You are a person to be pitied not feared. It seems 'anything goes at the rugkazbah' until Jack feels threatened, looses his shit, and starts banning IPs and threatens the few people who actually do post with trumped up litigation'. What courage! You are such a success!

What else would anyone expect from a self-proclaimed “independent voice” who would bend-over to the power structure as quickly as he could slide down his pants if only they would have his boney ass.

Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 01:37:32 AM

RK Replies:

Sorry but your fantasies are showing once more.

Turkish dealers, designer Kinkos, college degrees, posting anonymously? --We do readily admit posting under pseudonyms on price=clown's board.

Tell the idiot professor clown Mario Pizziola says "Hi".

But the rest of your diatribe and erroneous allegations are blatantly false; no wonder you hide behind anonymity.

Don't worry we are working on your IP and sooner or later will locate it's source.

And as we said, put up or shut up -- your allegations are all untrue and, if you pay us for proving what a liar and bullshitter you are, we will do just that.

So, little man, until then enjoy posting slander and defamation here, and if you persist we will drag you into a court of law.

That is if we find you have assets worthy enough for such an effort.

Think we are joking or bluffing? Go ask robert emry.

PS: It's bred, not bread you ignorant poseur.

And go check your syntax as well, we surely don't have time to teach you sentence construction.


Again, your pathetic chicken-hawk antics are as hypocritical as they are plagiarized. Didn't a Turkish dealer offer you to put your money where your mouth was after calling his rug a fake? Wacha do? NOTHING.

So which statements do you object to?

The fact that you self-published your 'work' at a designer Kinkos?

The fact that you claim to have attended Long Island University's Brooklyn campus for 3 years and may have or may have not graduated? It is on your online professional profile.

the fact that you post comments anonymously on other forums and often send phishing emails under various pseudonyms?

The fact that you are jealous of people that are actually successful and respected?

Poodles were bread as retrievers of already dead game. They don't have much of a bite for live meat, let alone toothless anemic ones.

See ya, pipe-cleaner pants

email: 468
Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 01:17:51 AM

RK Replies:

There is a difference between a "typo" and an error in spelling.

But RK knows such fine line differences are lost on a mindless, agenda motivated stooge like you.

We will ban your presence here if your next post is in line with the rest of the nonsense that has characterized this, and your former efforts.

Got it now, little boy?


I think you were trying to write 'take YOUR money' not "take YOU money".

I'll learn how to spell twerp, Twerp when you learn basic English grammar.

Sun, Apr 20th, 2008 07:21:11 PM

RK Replies:

Tell you what big mouth.

We will be glad to take you money if you are man enough to put your wallet where your fat flaccid lips are.

First off you will have to identify yourself. Then we will be glad to prove every statement you made is false and for each time we are right you will give us 2500 dollars US and for each time we cannot prove you wrong we will give you 2500 dollars US.

How's that sound, midget-brain?

And even though you are the twerp, you should learn how it is spelled. Or is that another one of your rampant fantasies -- you wrote the dictionary?


Name one statement we made that was untrue.

You are such a pathetic hypocrite. You are the queen of posting and emailing under fake names and of crapping all over the reputations of good people. Jealous twirp, what are you going to do when you 'find' us, gas us with your breath? Too bad you are too stupid to figure out when people are on to you. Perhaps we should have posted in the TRUTH HURTS SECTION. Drink another macrobiotic protein shake and go f yourself.

Sun, Apr 20th, 2008 12:10:36 PM

RK Replies:

The lowest blows are not those aimed at below the belt but those that are based on lies, stupidity and ignorance.

There is not one iota of truth in your post and the fact you chose to do it anonymously displays not only your piss-poor character but your timidity to engage us in any way other than that of a chicken-shit little boy who is afraid of his own shadow.

Remember RK allows a POS like you to post defamation and slander about us -- clearly someone of your pathetic sense of honor would never do the same.

We will, tust us, eventually figure out who you are and will then be glad to discuss your ignorance with you face to face.


If you want to talk about a lack of "peer review" in rugdom why don't you start with all of those cockamamie diatribes you self-published on vanity presses because no academic or commercial press would touch them? What a large but fragile ego you have! How many trees and how much of your daddy's money was wasted on those half-baked crappy "publications"? (God bless the internet, eh?) Well, you may or may not have finished your BS at Long Island University Brooklyn campus but you certainly know how to pile on the BS! Good luck trying to hide behind your magic shamanic ensis with neolithic iconography. Later, fruity.

Author: the voices
Sat, Apr 19th, 2008 08:40:00 AM

RK Replies:

We have a pretty good idea who you are, mg, and could care less what a short, bald, panty-waisted rug wanna-be like you has to say about anything, 'specially us.

Obviously, you can't say anything about an old rug to us, so your little spit-ball attempt to diss us is about as significant as your less than average life is noteworthy.

And BTW your bank account is not a measure of anything, or haven't you realized that yet?


jackie, no one is "pretending" to loathe you.

Author: jc
Fri, Apr 18th, 2008 04:52:34 PM

RK has now finished canvassing our correspondents and from all we heard the hajji bozo 75th "gala" was exactly what we expected...long on smoke, short on fire.

The hajji royalty strutted and primped; lunimaries like johnny-boy thompson and lousie, aka easy lou, mackie basked in the glow of their adulation, and escaped any public rebuke for their errors in vetting the bogus "bellini" as a circa 1550 masterpiece, and the NY Historical Society's ole wooden floors creaked under the combined weight of so many over-stuffed shirts walking around at the preview that structural engineers had to be called in to prevent its collapse.

Just joshing about that but the rest is right on and real.

It is interesting to note hajji bozo dodds passed up the opportunity and we are sure our admonishing him to "be careful who you stand next to" was undoubtedly behind his no-show.

We also have, courtesy of a relatively new friend of ours, a copy of the Timbukto to Tibet book and will turn our special brand of peer-review on it, and report back here asap.

One thought we should add 'bout that: Since hali produced the book don't expect to see anything there that will, in any way, resemble what peer-review is all about.

Remember in RugDumb there is no non-establishment voice except RK and, regardless of what those who fear us claim about us, they too know we are right on and real.

That's why they fear us and pretend to loath us, to mask that all too apparent fear.

OK 'nuff said; tune in later this weekend for our views about the book and perhaps some additional bon mots about the hajji's, their symposium and the exhibition.

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