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Wed, Apr 16th, 2008 11:33:02 PM
Topic: tschebullshit Part II

on 4/16/08 8:28 AM
RAOUL TSCHEBULL@ tschebull@sbcglobal.net wrote:

“You're headed to bulk mail from now on, so don't waste more time e-mailing me after his(sic).”

As most poseurs and con-artist do, tschebullshit often relies on pretending to be the victim while actually being the perpetrator.

But before we get into commenting on the rest of his email, which by the way he requested we publish on RugKazbah.com as you will soon read, let’s recap a bit so everyone of our readers is on the same page.

About eight or nine years ago, RK was at a rippon-bozwell sale in Germany and we underbid a certain piece in the sale.

It was one of the more important lots (or we would not have expressed interest in it but frankly we forget exactly what it was).

However, we have not forgotten what tschebullshit wrote about our bidding on it.

Seems he was reviewing the sale for some publication, probably hali, and in doing so stated the lot in question was underbid by an “American picker”.

While RK is an American, and a rather old-school patriotic one at that, we surely could not intelligently, or honestly, be characterized by anyone other than an agenda-based liar as a “picker”.

For those of you who might not understand how is word is used in the Antiques Business, here is its meaning.

A “picker” is a dealer who buys objects at the bottom of the source ladder -- from yard sales to flea markets – and, even though the “picker” often has a working knowledge about what he buys, that knowledge is definitely not expert or even what might be called very competent.

Also, the “picker” is frequently someone of very limited financial resources who, for that reason, mostly sells what he/she buys very quickly and at small profit to other higher-level dealers.

Even though RK has bought more than our share of great rugs for little money – in common with the “picker” modus operandi – no other facet of our connection with rugs, the rug business, rug collecting or the academic side of collecting comes anywhere close to the “picker” M.O. Plus “pickers” do not buy internationally, publish books or do serious research and investigation.

However, while the term “picker” is not per se a derogatory one, it can be; and tschebullshit’s referring to RK as a “picker” was surely meant to carry that connotation and worse.

Frankly, we are weary of RugDumb ding-dongs like tschebullshit throwing picayune insults like that at us, especially when they do it in print.

OK then, that’s the root of the issue here – tschebullshit’s idea he’s, first off, qualified to denigrate us and, secondly, intellectually honest enough to make such a designation.

Over the years since then, as we mentioned, we have offered to straighten tschebullshit out but each time he ran away like a little schoolgirl running home to mommy.

And because he is, as far as we are concerned, nothing but an overrated rug-schlepper of middle to low level furnishing carpets, we never went out of our way to confront him, preferring to do it when and if our paths crossed.

OK, enough background, let’s get into the meat of the matter -- another one of tschebullshit’s attempt to serve up McDonald’s quality low-grade chopped chuck and pass it off as filet mignon -- and continue with our comments on the missive he sent us last night.

We must mention we did email him first, as our paths have not crossed in years, and once again we opened up our displeasure with his now almost decade old “picker” denigration.

“But one last thought on you - it would be good if you published this verbatim, so as to provide a bit of balance”

Thought on us? What the freak does that mean and what type of English language usage is that?

Guess it’s just more tschebullshitspeak and we’re going to leave it up to you to decide.

Anyway, the “balance” he mentions no doubt concerns our comments on his over-arched opinions in the Flat-Weave review he wrote in the post above, as well as the more recent drubbing we gave him in moving it to this new thread.

For unlike most other rug-world authors, online or not, RK does not have a thin-skin; nor are we insecure within our skin, so publishing seemingly unflattering comments from a tschebullshitter like raoul, is no problemo for us, even on our own website.

We continue with the rest of tschebullshit’s attempt to denigrate us further:

“The best way to measure quality of accomplishment in rugdom is by the the(sic) number of important published articles and exhibition catalogue contributions a collector makes, the quality of his pieces publicly exhibited or well known to the collecting community, and his record of speaking at symposia, conferences and museums.”

The abject superficiality of that statement, we’d rather have called it stupidity but let’s give tschebullshit the benefit of doubt, is overwhelming.

First, rare is the book in RugDumb which does not carry at least one hidden agenda(usually more, we’d like to add).

So, in a perfect RugDumb, raoul might be close to the mark but Heaven’s knows that ain’t the case in RugDumb, not by a long shot.

To digress a bit, allow RK a moment to provide some interesting support for our statement.

One of the most famous and heralded books of the last two decades is johnny-boy thompson’s “Carpet Magic” published in 1983 in conjunction with perhaps the most outstanding icoc event that ever took place.

Hardly anyone knows the truth about that book – so let RK reveal it now.

Every piece in the book required the owner, whether dealer or collector, to pay 300English pounds to Thompson, allegedly to offset publication costs.

Now if that doesn’t stink worse than a month old can of sardines, we don’t know what does.

But that’s just one example of the hidden agendas we mentioned, and frankly, we’d be surprised if any conversant ruggie doesn’t realize this is a given.

Again, if that doesn’t “balance”(i.e. negate in this instance) tschebullshit’s initial, and ludicrous, idea of what is “The best way to measure quality of accomplishment in rugdom…” we give up.

To continue with more tschebullshit:

“If that person is a dealer, quality is also measured by the quality of his inventory, his knowledge and honesty.”

Perhaps, the tschebullshitter is referring to dennis dodds? Lord knows his refusal to rebuke dodds could lead one to that opinion, now couldn’t it?

“All that amounts to reputation. Since you fail at all the objective measures above, you don't have a positive reputation.”

Since tschebullshit’s comments are directed at RK, we’d like to ask him amongst who or what group is he referring?

Oh, yeah, right, the group he belongs to – you know the one we call RugDumb.

How in Heaven’s name could RugDumbers, like tschebullshit and his icoc/acor/hajji-bozo cronies, correctly realize what RK has done, let alone be qualified to judge or honest enough to admit what is fact?

Phuleaze, raoul, wake up from your egocentric fantasy, you rug-clown.

Do we need to say more about our reputation to a dumbass pompous prig like tschebullshit or his buddies? Hell no.

”Even you know this, I assume.”

We’d offer rebuttal, but why bother throwing truth before a prejudiced, rug-blind pig like tschebullshit? Our time’s too valuable, so let us continue and present far more substantial proof to demonstrate tschebullshit’s blatant agenda, which is to diss RK with innuendo and speciousness in the face of a completely different reality.

RK has nothing to prove; we have proven it long ago and only status quo rug idiots, hajji bozos and bottom of RugDumb’s barrel rug-punks and poseurs, like tschebullshit, wouldn’t agree.

“I don't read your site, don't care what you write publicly about me because you are, obviously to all, grinding some sort of off-enter(sic) ax(sic) against imagined personal slights when you attack people. That's called "intellectual dishonesty", Jack, and most people with half a brain can see that right away.”

Like others in RugDumb, tschebullshit is a fabricator and no one needs even a quarter of a brain to see that.

He doesn’t read our site?

More tschebullshit, as this morning we had our webmaster check RugKazbah’s logs for the month of April and guess what – the IP address on the email tschebullshit sent us ( has logged 9 “hits” on 6 pages(33.08KB) on RugKazbah.com as of 15 April.

Now, that’s not a lot of visiting in any terms but it does prove he visited, read what was there and then lied about it.”

“You don't have a web following, you get pitched out of rug conferences like a stray dog, even out of Hagop's shop when he has more respectable people visiting him.”

We’ll forgo discussing the merits of his accusations as they are nothing but more merit-less RugDumb-ness.

But his we don’t have a “web following” is worth our effort to prove the contrary, as it is more tschebullshit and fabrication.

We will be glad to wager with tschebullshit, or anyone else, that the combined number of visitors (be it daily, monthly or yearly) to RugKazbah.com and the WeavingArtMuseum. com combined is more than anyone else who owns any other rug-related websites dealing with collector quality weavings and not airport-art or worse.

You know it is amazing to witness the incredible degree of falsification and deceit that exists in the puny minds of tschebullshitters like raoul, and others we can easily mention, concerning RK, our rug- world accomplishments, our collection, our publications and our websites.

Truly amazing, and arsehole raoul’s proclamation that “we have no web following” is as fraudulent as yelling FIRE in a crowded movie theater to get a better seat. Fuckin’ amazing.

Just for a bit of additional proof of our claims, so far this month (April) the combined number of visitors to both our sites is presently 3,656.

Go match that statistic with anyone’s else’s traffic, and considering both sites are “destination” sites, as neither site has an active links page for which visitors often visit a site, our traffic figures are even more significant.

We will be glad to accept that wager from anyone to compare our stats with theirs, as long as their stats display the IP address of every visitor to prove the visits are legitimate and not exaggerated by phony visits and hits made to enhance their numbers.

So, not only did tschebullshit lie about not visiting RugKazbah.com but his blatantly stupid and false “web following” statement is even more duplicitous and culpable.

“If you manage to change, get in touch with me again. Otherwise, don't bother me. Rant away on that silly site of yours - and you are the fool, not me. And learn not to swear - that's for the real immature.”

Fuck you, tschebullshit, is all we have to say to someone who demonstrates he is not only a poster boy for RugDumb but, even worse, an arsehole of a liar, fabricator and true agenda based miscreant.

In closing let’s announce mr tschebullshit is welcome to try and dig himself out of the shitpile he’s four-flushed himself into by attempting to joust with RK.

But obviously he, like most of the icoc, acor, hajji bozo and team hali burghers who believe they rule and control RugDumb, is too intellectually dishonest, too rug ignorant and too pompous to take RK on in any level playing field and win.

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