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Sun, Apr 20th, 2008 01:39:15 PM
Topic: Interesting Email

Below and verbatim is an email RK received some time ago.

It is from someone whose name is a familiar one to anyone involved with RugDumb.

We are not publishing his name to protect his "reputation" from association with us, which is something we understand but do not exactly agree with.

RK has many who despise and loath us but their feelings are motivated by fear, surely not by reason or fact -- fear of the truth and their own culpability in keeping that truth hidden.

This is something RK finds specious but typical for RugDumb.

BTW: the author of the email below is definitely someone who knows the difference between rug world truth and RugDumb BS but, he like many others we know, does not have the courage to go against the grain and take on the status quo in public. However, the email below proves he is willing to do it in private.

"I hope you are well. Yes, I have been following both threads/discussions. I find them both compelling reading.

I sent you the ______(ed. removed by us to protect the authors identity) communication to let you know how Mr. Dodds continues to reach out for business, and to use his ties to ICOC to lend his solicitation the weight of legitimacy and importance.

It seems to me this also goes to the heart of your compelling argument that there really is little or no independent scholarship in the rug world, that everything is tied to commerce and self-dealing etc.

This has seemed plain to me since the Philadelphia ICOC, if not before.

You are the only one who has the guts to state it openly.

Moreover, since Mr. Dodds is at the heart of this issue, and the seller of the LACMA rug, it seemed to me that you should be aware of what he is doing as background.

If you prefer that I not forward such communications, just let me know.

Though I have made a commitment to collecting rugs, it is not a high priority to me. That does not mean it is not a priority or that I do not care, it means there are other things that are higher priorities.

Thus, while I put energy into rugs, I do so irregularly and put it aside whenever and as soon as it interferes with my higher priorities.

I have been told before that I have one foot in and one foot out.

Candidly, I see what rugs, and more precisely the people involved with them, have done to someone like you and I think this is probably the right decision for me.

I do not wish to put up with the backstabbing etc you have had to deal with and my other priorities are priorities that at this time are more important to me and reward me in ways that rugs never have."

We publish this at this time as food for thought to all those who know RugDumb stinks, must be revamped and cleaned out to remove that stench.

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