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Tue, Dec 1st, 2009 08:21:29 PM
Topic: Liar, Cheat & Thief dennis dodds

If anyone dared to call us a thief, a cheat, a fraud, a carpet-bagging scoundrel, and a liar we'd issue a complaint against before you could say "bogus bellini".

Ever wonder why dodds has not attempted to drag us into a court of law?

The answer is simple - it's the truth; dodds is all the above

And not only does he know it, but so does just about anyone in the rug world who knows the difference between the dodds/LACMA bogus "bellini" and a Harry's bar cocktail.

RK has exposed all the bare-faced lies dodds used to defraud LACMA's now ex-curator dale, aka is it really a late genre period reproduction?, gluckman and all the honest, trusting folks on LACMA's Collector's Committee, who put their collective money where dodds's cheating mouthful of completely outrageous distortions, mistruths and blatant prevarications still lays.

Why has no one who knows anything about Early Turkish Rugs stood up to defend dodds against our claims?

Why has rug-guru and god jon, aka lazy boy, thompson or louise, easy lou, mackie, both of who stupidly told LACMA the rug was circa 1550, a masterpiece of its type and a museum worthy object, not said a peep in his favor and defense?

Why has dodds not agreed to meet us on a stage to discuss the bogus "bellini", his fraudulent claims about it and his disgusting rip-off salesmanship -- even when we offered him a no-strings attached 5,000 USD honorarium?

Simple because everything we claim is absolutely true.

But time is running out for dodds, and as RK ups the ante we will be delighted if he dares to try to accuse of slander, defamation or any other charge he might try to kite.

Remember, it is impossible to accuse someone of any of those actions when they are standing on a hill of fact and truth.

We'd love to defend our position anytime dodds decides to risk it -- we've heard he took the 250,000 he defrauded LACMA Collectors Committee to cough up for his bogus "bellini" and bought a new house in Chestnut Hill, Pa.

We'd never live in a place like that, but maybe we'll turn it into a satellite location for the Weaving Art Museum and offer to let dodds stay on as the janitor, a job a person of his integrity and skills might really excel in after we whoop his sorriful self in front of a jury of his peers, forget ours!

Author: jc
Tue, Dec 1st, 2009 08:21:29 PM

A number of years ago RK was given the "letter of expertise" dennis dodds wrote to Dale Gluckman concerning the possible sale of his bogus "bellini" rug.

This letter was used by Gluckman to convince LACMA's collector's committee to put up the 250,000 dollars dodds was asking for the "bellini".

Gluckman then dutifully made the pitch to the collector's committee using the spuriously deceptive "letter of expertise". They fell for it and immediately allocated the quarter million dollars to buy dodds's dud, late genre period reproduction/revival "bellini".

What thanks did Gluckman get? She lost her job.

LACMA's former director, Andrea Rich, also left the museum around the same time.

It's not hard to read between the lines to realize the strong probability both these women left the museum because of their role in championing dodds's malfeasance and lies.

RK has had dodds's "letter of expertise" and our annotated comments online for a number of years now.

Today, just for drill, RK re-read it and had a chuckle or two over dodds's fractured opinions and inane interpretations of carpet history.

After even a quick reading how could anyone in rugDUMB still believe dodds is anything but the rug-ignorant cheat, liar and thief RK has branded him?

Reading the "letter of expertise" is an interesting exercise, as it displays the greed and dishonesty of one of rugDUMB's most "respected" leaders.

The last sentence dodds penned to Gluckman, reproduced just below, takes the cake for duplicity, hubris and pomposity:

"I would be delighted if my carpet found a home in a prestigious Museum where so many people could be touched by its power and beauty – as I have for all these years I have owned it."

How even a lying son of a bitch like dodds could state he would be delighted if his carpet found a home in a prestigious museum with a straight face is unbelievable considering he had been trying to sell it to any and all takers during almost the entire time he owned it.

If that one sentence, and the fact of his having had the "bellini" on the market for sale for 20 plus years (which dodds totally ignores as if it never happened), are not enough to convict dodds of lying and cheating his way into the sale RK can only surmise the judge and jury -- that's right, rugDUMB, that's you all -- have either been bribed or are just too gullible and mind controlled to believe truth when it is as apparent as the noses on their faces.

And that's a crime even greater than dodds's LACMA heist and fraud.

Author: jc
Thu, May 1st, 2008 06:28:27 PM

It is truly amazing: The only reason dodds is getting away with defrauding LACMA rests on the Museum’s reticence to admit they got defrauded.

The perfect crime; but in reality it is patheticly typical for the world we live in where more and more so, truth is lie and fact is fiction.

In any real, sound and honest world an institution that got bamboozled, lied to and cheated would not accept it and would attempt to right the wrong with all their power.

But to LACMA the loss of 250,000 dollars and being defrauded is nothing compared to publicly admitting their lack of proper due diligence in investigating the purchase.

Granted lazy-boy thompson, easy-lou, mackie and Walter Denny provided 'casual' opinions when asked that supported dodds specious and blatantly false sales-pitch.

However, soon after the sale and we are sure at least partly because of this website, Denny recanted his opinion, both publicly and privately, when he visited LACMA and saw the rug in person.

This was a big blow to dodds's ridiculous assessment of the bogus "Bellini", which by the way LACMA is now calling in the style of a "Bellini" rug. It was also a big blow to LACMA, but they shook it off like it never happened.

They might as well have not bothered to add that caveat, which by the way totally supports our original contentions about the rug, because it definitely is not a museum worthy object, not circa 1550 or a “masterpiece” of the type.

Not by a long shot or even a short one.

These were the main points, all fabrications, that dodds told them, and wrote them, in his quest to pawn the bogus "bellini" off on them – and anyone who knows anything about historic Turkish Rugs knows that.

Even many at LACMA know this but the adminstration still refuses to admit it for the reason we listed above.

But no matter what name they call it, or what pseudo-scientific jargon they use to shore up their blatantly false position it is 1650(the date they now claim), fact is the rug is a late genre reproduction.

More over no matter how you slice the bacon dodds lied and those lies were used by LACMA to defraud the Collector's Committee, who bought it and then donated it to the Museum.

Rest assured RK is working behind the scenes to bring LACMA into reality and to help them to realize how ridiculous they appear by covering up the essential fact -- the rug is a dud and they got cheated.

Author: jc
Tue, Apr 29th, 2008 09:25:07 PM

We hear dennis, the rug cheat and know-little, dodds is getting increasingly nervous over RK's latest moves to bring him to justice for the fraud and lies he has perpetrated in the LACMA rip-off.

RK will soon reveal publicly why dodds is quaking in his shoes - and quite frankly he should be as we have upped the ante, and dodds knows he is powerless and morally bankrupt to do anything about it.

More soon, stay tuned...

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