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Wed, Apr 30th, 2008 04:11:42 PM
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"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

The new kinship between barry/blurry, aka God absolves my dishonesty, o'CONnell and steev price, the rug idiot professor from Virginia Commonwealth University, is nothing more than a mutual attempt to assuage each others RK bruised egos and cry-baby crying-towel approach to our demonstrations of their proven lack of rug knowledge, connoisseurship and experience.

This budding bosom buddy-ship is in more ways than we explain; namely they are both wanna-be’s in RugDumb and rug dummies always seeks the company of other rug dummies. As pathetic as this sounds it is true, for neither could make it in the real rug world and they know it.

Both are poster-skunks for all that stinks in RugDumb and are circling their combined lost-on-the-trail wagon trains in the hopes they can prevent RK’s public demonstrations of the truth from seeping into their little worlds of internet rug webSlights.

Just for grins we will post an email we received from o'CONnell a couple of years ago when he was less desperate to use steev to protect the shrinking cadre of rugs novices who go to his collections of lifted/copied photos and webpages.

sent 03.01.06
"Thanks Jack,

Years ago I was interviewing at the National Academy of Science and mentioned it to Steve. He told me that he used to get grants from them. He said it stopped when they started comparing results to the proposals. What it amounted to was that he would write a proposal that sounded good and then hand in whatever results it generated. When they enforced a level of accountability his work did not measure up.

I am not sure how you could verify this especially since Steve no longer confides in me.

And please don't mention I told you this.
Best wishes,

BTW: whenever blurry tries to write something original and not copied from someone else’s work, whether he credits them or not, he falls flat on his fat-face.

It’s hard to believe but blurry, the rug wanna-be expurt, knows even less about an historic rug than professor price=clown.

Plus here's one more of an number of other emails blurry sent RK over the years that tell a different story than he mouths today:

sent 9.25.2003
"Hello Jack,

Thanks, I appreciate the help. I made the correction. I am sorry things turned out so badly. I miss your wise council and vast knowledge. I hope things are going well and you are prospering.
Best wishes,

We must mention we firmly respect and believe in the sanctity of personal communication, emailed or otherwise. However when one party has already violated any sense of honorable conduct and action only a fool would not respond in kind by, as the Bible says, taking an eye for an eye.

Let us just mention o'CONnell’s continuing to propagate the ridiculous idea on his website that jimbo allen is known in the rug world as JC, our initials, is one reason we are responding in kind.

There is not a person in the rugworld, or even RugDumb, who calls or who has ever called jimbo JC.

This is just another underhanded, sleazy, fraudulent o'CONnell statement that has absolutely no truth or validity.

He does this solely to obfuscate who and what we are and ascribe those facts to a bogus, equally guilty rug swindler and cheat as he is, rug know-little, clown and wind-bag james, aka jimbo, allen.

Regardless, and in conclusion, we would have never posted the above had we not received this email from blurry about an hour ago in response to our demonstrating on RugKazbah.com what BS nonsense his mentor's, hot air harry, positions about the Logis and “TtT” fragments are:

Jack get over it.

I will never discuss you in public. when i mention a site it gets hits. I never want to encourage anyone to read anything you write.

As for your site i avoid it and only look in on rare occasions.

You have a small readership and I am not going to help you expand it.


Jack you used the word Engsi and you should change to Ensi. It makes you sound dated.

As for the rest I can't tell you because just by telling you that you are screwing up would give you the clues to fix it. So i have to leave you blissfully ignorant.

So you are jack whose name must not be mentioned.

And Jim is the real JC and you know it so you switched to RK.”(emphsis added)

A freakin’ unbelievable crock of mis-truths, deceptions and outright lies from a freakin’ unbelievably dumbass rug poseur, whose emails show he knows the truth but refuses to admit it.

Perhaps the old: Fury hath no ruggie like a RugDumb moron scorned, might describe o'CONnell?

We did, and still do, scorn barry, the ex-rug swindler and present tense rug-idiot, o'CONnell – and so should you.

Will his God absolve him of his paltry sense of honor and gross invidiousness?

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