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Mon, May 5th, 2008 09:08:59 PM
Topic: R.I.P. RugKazbah.com

This will be our last post on RugKazbah.com for the foreseeable future, possibly forever.

RK has finally decided to take this step as a milestone in our crusade to change the horrible status quo stupidity that has taken over rug studies and, in general, rug appreciation.

Anyone who has been a reader knows well the various issues we have taken exception with and demonstrated, more often than not, 100 percent proof of our beliefs.

Let us mention a few of the more grievous:

1. the dodds LAMCA rip-off and fiasco

2. the fake Ottoman embroidery scandal

3. the ridiculous selling of kaitag embroideries as 16th/17th and 18th century

4. the overloaded, pseudo-academic icoc and acor conference programs

5. a website like professor clown’s rug sandbox

6. the promoting of a rug thief and fabricator like james allen

7. the ignoring of a rug idiot and cheat like barry o’connell

8. the lowering of the standards hali formerly maintained

9. the pandering of the rug world to big spending advertisers while ignoring their true stature

10. the hyping and over-dating of many rugs at auction, and those belonging to dealers, that are frankly hardly worth a second mention

We could go on but that’s the point in our putting RugKazbah.com to rest – we are no longer going to spend our time to broaden the channels we have cut thru rugDumb’s stupidity.

So we are, of course, going to leave every Topic Area and all the posts under them intact.

We believe they contain plenty of excellent, and unbiased, information and reportage – far more might we say than exists anywhere else presently on the internet.

We will grant our bent to theatrics and vernacular might upset some readers, but realize we have done so because we know how important flamboyance and controversy is to attract attention.

RK has never sought attention for ourself, nor have we in any way benefited from all the time and energy we have expended in making RugKazbah.com the only independent voice in the rug world and in rug studies.

We intend to take the time we have spent to do that and devote it to all the issues we have made public.

We also hope some of the seeds we have planted in that effort are quietly germinating and will, someday soon, grow and make themselves increasing visible.

Remember, please, nothing grows without the light of the Sun and isn’t it about time the light of day began to shine in the rug world?

Thirty five years ago, in l973, today’s rug scene was just beginning, and way back then there was far more energy, passion, commitment in rug studies than there is today.

This is fact, and it demonstrates, as much as any other, the miserable state rug studies, rug appreciation and the rug world in general is mired in. We have railed against this trend and have tried to rally the troops – regrettably, we have come to the conclusion this is impossible.


The main and most important reason is the icoc/aor/hali-ite bureaucracy that has developed over those 35 years is corrupt as our national leadership, and just as self-serving and stupid.

RK knows this and has stated often it is necessary to remove this decrepit bureaucrary and start anew. For just as trying to renovate an old house built on an unstable and inferior sub-structure, no matter how many new coats of paint or other meaningless decorative touches are added, that fact remains.

It’s has been fun for us to publicly demonstrate our interest, passion, knowledge and research on RugKazbah.com and we hope and trust those of you, who are aware enough of the truth, have also enjoyed what we have done.

In closing let us say we are going to continue our crusades and are still positive we will eventually triumph.

And we are sorry to disappoint the ever growing cadre of RugKazbah.com readers and supporters with our decision to cease any further publications on this website.

We hope you all will take to heart our message and, in your own ways, attempt to create a new paradigm in rug studies and in the rug world.


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