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Sat, Jun 20th, 2009 06:45:47 AM


RK has reviewed comments we made in the acor post and must post a correction to two points we raised.

FIRST: Siawosch Azadi did NOT open his wallet to pay any monies to assure the 1993 icoc in Hamburg, Germany would come off as planned. He, like many other icoc and acor board members have done, worked hard to organize an event.

But we are sure Azadi worked far more tirelessly and diligently to fulfill the responsibilities he assumed as an main organizer than any other person we know or can mention, except Alberto Levi(see below) and charles lave who also both put their lives on hold to do the jobs they assumed.

Let us be the first to admit we erred in our stating Azadi paid money from his pocket to makeup any shortfall that might have occurred. In fact, the Hamburg icoc never was in the losing financial position other icoc and acor events, like the St Louis one, have encountered.

Let RK also be the first to admit we made a big mistake in stating that Azadi did make up that shortfall but we’d also must affirm and reiterate for the record our comments about Azadi’s sterling character, knowledge and personal righteousness.

And we stand completely behind our comments that those individuals on the acor board and who were involved in the St Louis event couldn’t lick his boots, let alone individually or as a group equal Azadi’s knowledge about historic to modern carpets, carpet history, the history of the groups who made historic and contemporary carpets or his contributions to the rug world.

Azadi is a giant in the field and let RK also state for the record he is a partner of mine; a long time personal friend, mentor and confidant.

He is the most honest, righteous, sweet and personable man I have ever met.

SECOND: Let us also correct what we said about the Milan icoc and the contribution/payback of monies shelled out by one of the organizers for that event.

Again we got it wrong and here are the correct facts.

It is very true one of the organizers, in fact the former icoc president in Italy Alberto Levi did take from his wallet about 40,000 USD to guarantee the Milan icoc conference would come off.

However, it is NOT true he was repaid.

Fact is Alberto never asked to be repaid, nor was he.

As the main organizer he made certain decisions and when things did not go as planned Alberto Levi, who is also a man RK highly respects for his righteousness and honesty, bit the bullet and accepted responsibility for his decisions. Had he not RK is pretty sure the Milan icoc would have never happened.

OK then how does RK’s correcting our assertions bode for the derogatory and heavy-handed comments we made about those who were involved with the acor in St Louis?

Frankly, our corrections do not in any way alleviate the harsh condemnations we have levied against these people.

To a man (and woman) it can be truthfully said what we said is reality, fact and truth.

None of them have remarkable collections, or even noteworthy ones. None of them have made any substantial contributions to the knowledge base of pre-commercial period, let alone historic, rugs. None of them in our opinion have the sterling characters that Azadi and Levi possess. And, obviously, none of them have devoted as much time and energy as Azadi and Levi, or charles lave, did when they accepted the responsibilities to put on such an event.

Had they it would have come off and not been cancelled.

So while RK regrets our minor errors about the financial matters of those two events. we surely do not regret the accusations we have levied against these acor-ites behind the debacle in St Louis.

Nor do we regret any of the other comments contained in our bulletin or, in fact, any of those posted anywhere else on the RugKazbah.com website.

Author: Michael Raysson
email: michray@comcast.net
Sun, Apr 19th, 2009 05:44:23 PM


First my last name is Cassin, not Cassim.

Second, it seems your inability to correctly address us also carries over in your ability to discern for yourself answers to the somewhat complicated questions you have posed.

Third, discounting the above two comments why should we want to bother to take the time to answer such personal questions from a stranger, especially in a public forum?

Clearly historic carpets interest us for many reasons and if you bothered to take the time to peruse our voluminous writings here you might have been able to find the answers without asking to have them spoon fed to you.

Frankly, we find the underlying tone to your questions snide regardless of the sweet and low sugar prose you've couched them in.

So if you would like to email us privately and provide some reference for your questions and tell us who you are we might just take the time to fill you in on some of your queries.


Dear Mr. Cassim, This is really not a response to a specific subject on your website. Rather it is a question to you, personally. I have read many of your opinions and also your rants and though I generally disagree with your tenor, I think I just might agree with many of your opinions on rugs. I would like to find out. My question is exactly what is your philosophy and viewpoint on oriental rugs and carpets as an art form, culturally, historically and artistically. What is your feeling about these works of art? How do you personally relate to them and to the people that made them? How do you look at them? What is their importance to you? What do you see as their importance in their culture and in our culture? Why are you attracted to oriental rugs? Certainly your answer to my questions may and probably should vary according to the varying tribes and geography and different types of rugs. Please also talk about the age of rugs, profundity of meaning, and primal spirit. Also romance. Do these have any or much importance to you? Why? I am very interested in seeing your answers, if you see fit to return this email which I have respectfully submitted for your perusal. Thank you very much, Michael Raysson

Author: Stephanie
email: stephmorehousela@aol.com
Wed, Mar 4th, 2009 09:32:42 PM

Ms morehouse:

As usual you and your less than clever, turko-idiot of a husband are wrong, wrong, wrong

Next time, before you open your yap, how about doing some good ole research?

And tell that useless eater of a hubby to do so as well, RK is still chucklin' over his dumbass comments about the LACMA ok bash.

PS: Here's another tip: instead of writing in to RugKazbah.com go organize your TGLA group and put up a righteous stink about dennis, the cheat and thief, dodds's LACMA rip-off -- after all just because they put his late genre period reproduction "bellini" in the museum's basement, where it's gathering more dust than the change obama's been braying about, doesn't mean his lies are any less egregious in 2009 than they were in 2004, now does it.


As you wrote: As the main organizer he made certain decisions and when things did not go as planned Alberto Levi, who is also a man RK highly respects for his righteousness and honesty, bit the bullet and accepted responsibility for his decisions. Had he not RK is pretty sure the Milan icoc would have never happened. Are you sure that you don't mean "Alberto Borolevi" instead of Alberto Levi??? Check it out...I thought it was Alberto Borolevi (and not Alberto Levi).

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