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Sat, Jun 20th, 2009 06:48:45 AM
Topic: Why Can't icoc Call a Spade a Spade?

To say the business of antique oriental rugs, which includes their selling and "research", is tricky and duplicitous might be to minimize reality.

There are countless of examples RK, or anyone else who knows the score could cite. So the recent notice that the next icoc, planned for Stockholm Sweden in 2010, has been reset for 2011 should do more than raise a few eyebrows.

Even on the surface, the notice printed on the hali website rings bells, and an even more careful reading should be sounding fire alarms from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

We quote"
Courtly Love Comes First
Monday, March 02, 2009
Following an ICOC Executive Committee Meeting, Anette Granlund, Chair of the Organising Committee for ICOC XII (Stockholm and St Petersburg), has informed HALI that, due to the recent announcement that the wedding of Crown Princess Viktoria of Sweden will be held in Stockholm on an unspecified date in 'early summer' 2010, the scheduled ICOC meeting, some of whose key events are closely linked to the Swedish Royal palaces and collections, has been postponed for a year to June 2011."

Perhaps some of the more gullible readers might believe a Royal Wedding a plausible reason for the postponement.

However, RK is far from that gullible, nor in our opinion are most of hali's readers.

Stockholm is a big and highly organized urban metropolis, RK should know we have been here several times, and the few hundred icoc attendees, even if the event was to exactly coincide with the planned wedding, would surely put no strain on any city services or tourist facilities.

To think it would is just plain stupid and moronic.

But because those two adjectives perfectly describe rugDUMB, as readers of this website well know, what else to expect.

Frankly, RK believes the rescheduling of the icoc event was more to do with finances, or should we say the lack of them, than a royal wedding shindig.

This interpretation rings especially true considering the recent cancellation of the acor event planned for next month in St. Louis, USA

Let's all remember the lame and worthless excuses offered up by the acor board members to, as RK has opined, cover-up their selfish chicken-shit decision.

And, while the icoc committee is almost to a man/woman equally as short-sighted and self-possessed as those acor-ites, RK would have expected a little more gumption and guts from them.

But alas, faith like that is quite clearly now as poorly placed as believing,for instance, Amerika's new president is all about change.

So what can RK say other than the flimsy and foolish "reason" for the postponement of the Stockholm icoc is as ludicrous as umpteen other similarly transparent excuses, rationalizations and outright lies that invariably pass for truth in rugDUMB.

We know it's a rhetorical question but: Don't you all think it is time to straighten up and demand a higher level of honesty and truth from the three organizations that rule rugDUMB-- icoc, acor and hali?

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