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Sat, Jun 20th, 2009 06:29:57 AM
Topic: textile museum Tosses walker Out

Here is today’s hali Orwellian newspeak announcement concerning walker’s “resignation” with our, as usual far more truthful and pertinent, translation in italics:

"Walker Quits as TM Director"
In our opinion, do nothing dan did not quit, he was chucked out the door. There is no reason a spineless chair warmer like daniel walker would ever quit a well-paying job. And although we are not privy to what exactly happened to push him out, according to us you can rest assured he was given the gate.

"Thursday, March 26, 2009”

"The Textile Museum in Washington DC has announced the resignation, with immediate effect, of Director Daniel Walker, after almost four years in the post. "
Again the wording here belies walker quitting on his own steam but rather it implies dan the rug dunce walker's performance was below the expectations his ridiculously heralded appointment generated. Once again, the fact walker's departure was “immediate” tells far more than those ludicrous glowing accolades about him that even just recently graced hali's website.

"Walker, previously Curator of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and before that at the Cincinnati Art Museum, brought fine curatorial qualities to the job, including a special rapport with the TM’s unique and demanding oriental rug community, but finds himself the victim of the most difficult of economic circumstances and continuing uncertainty about the museum’s future direction and ongoing funding."
Jumpin Jesus: if any ruggie with more than 1 firing synapse could believe walker's removal was for the specious and ludicrous reasons written above rugDUMB is even dumber than RK has ever suspected.

Come on now you folks at the textile museum, can't you do better than that?

How about walker didn't oil his swivel chair enough or maybe how about he didn't keep his desk tidy? Jeezzz, what more bullshit will soon flow from the mouths of the organ grinders at the textile museum?

"A successor is being sought, but in the meantime the TM will be run by a transitional team lead by newly appointed General Manager Maryclaire Ramsey, who has served as special assistant to the director since April 2007, and including Douglas Maas, the Museum’s chief financial and administrative officer since 2007."
Frankly now that the textile museum is being run by a secretary and a bean counter RK is pretty sure nothing will change, as do nothing dan not only earned that moniker at the Met but continued to live up to it at the textile museum. Meet the new boss(es) same as the old boss, ie nothing of interest will happen there, you can bet on that.

"According to Bruce P. Baganz, president of the Museum’s Board of Trustees: “The Textile Museum is continuing every aspect of its programming and maintaining its commitment to arts, scholarship and education under the capable management of Ms Ramsey, Mr Maas, the committed, experienced staff, and its many dedicated volunteers and supporters.”"
Well since everything RK has personally heard from bruce, aka big-mouth, baganz and about him from others concerning his “plans” and hype for the textile museum was grandiose, what has actually happened under his board presidency has amounted to nothing more than a giant zero, zilch and nada; we imagine this paean to "continuity" will be nothing but more of the same. There is little doubt baganz is over his head, knows little about how to steer an institution to safe harbor, and even less about historic rugs or the textile museum's great collections. Fact is big mouth bruce probably bought himself the job there for personal reasons, and even more frankly RK says it's time for baganz to take the walker trot and resign effective immediately as well.

"It is not clear what Walker’s plans are, but in a statement released by the TM he said: “I am eager to return to various research, writing and exhibition projects that have been set aside over the last four years."
Hey daniel walker blow some more smoke out of your butt and try to tell everyone its Chanel #5. To say walker's statement is pure hubris and hyperbole might be to give it too much credit. RK will bet dollars to donuts walker will do nothing in the future other than try to find another cushy job where he can do nothing and earn a nice salary. In our opinion walker is nothing but, like dennis the cheat and thief dodds, a carpetbagging rug-poseur, a posterboy for the stupidity, greed and malfeasance that characterizes rugDUMB.

"My devotion to The Textile Museum and its collection is unwavering, and I look forward to providing advice and assistance to the Museum beyond the official conclusion of my tenure.”"
If anymore nonsensical hot-air emanates from any of walker's orifices we'll suggest he gets a job selling balloons at Barnum and Bailey side show in Akron, Ohio. Cripes, walker did nothing in four years but now that he’s out the door he's gonna do what? Phuleeze, mr walker, get real and go slink off into some dark corner and cry in your beer, would'ya please.

As some of you careful readers already know RK recently wrote that walker's employment contract was NOT going to be renewed because certain folks at the textile museum were "displeased" with his performance.

What we did not write was that we had heard their displeasure was more like disgust and had he not had a contract he would have been gone months ago.

Regardless, he's gone now and good riddance to him – for, not only in our opinion, is walker considered to be nothing but a lazy, rug-know-little masquerading as an expurt. His career is about as blank of achievements as could be and we are sure his future will portend nothing to the contrary.

In closing RK finds it rather fitting walker's stupid introduction for barry oconnell's saturday morning rug "talk" will be his last official act as the director of the textile museum. RK can only believe the long strong arm of textile museum Founder George Hewitt Myer's reached out from his grave and proverbially took walker by the scruff of his neck and deposited him on the doorstep like some unwanted mangy pussy-cat who wandered in the kitchen door by accident.

So, see ya’later, mr walker, and RK truly hopes it is as long a later as ever was.

Author: jc
email: jc@wamri.org
Thu, Jun 4th, 2009 10:39:18 AM

Just as a brief follow-up to do nothing dan walker's dismissal from the textile museum's director's position RK has heard from several sources walker is claiming the decision for his removal was mutual, ie both he and the museum's board of directors were in favor of his leaving.

Frankly, RK believes this is complete bullshit crapola and nothing but stupid, sloppy spin walker invented.

There is no way on God's green earth a do nothing chump like walker would leave a well paid position like the one he had at the textile museum.

Where is walker going to go now?

RK can suggest several "positions" he is qualified for:

1. he could work for sotheby's as a rug-catalogue-writer, as even walker's bleak knowledge of non-classical carpets is far superior to their present scrivener

2. he could sign on the the hali staff, as their competence to review sales or scribble nonsense about old rugs could use assistance, even the undoubtedly lame assistance someone of do nothing dan's ilk would add

3. he, like other alleged art world luminaries have done, could start leading tour groups to Turkey or other locals where rugs are made -- and, hey, the commissions on the airport-art members of his group would purchase might be substantial, especially if walker could enlist experienced colleagues like jon lazy boy thompson, louise easy lou mackie, cathy this is a must buy cootner or dennis the cheat and thief dodds to help him fleece the faithful.

RK has some other ideas and should walker want to avail himself of our suggestions and write in to RugKazbah.com we will be glad to fill him in.

Honestly, how walker could assert he wanted to get fired is even more stupid than his claiming now that he is not shackled to the director's desk he will work on "research projects" he had wanted to tackle for "years".

This is nothing but fantasy and disingenuous patter, and RK is sure the only "research" walker has done since getting the boot from the textile museum is to find a cozy quiet bar to drown his tears in a glass of cheap beer or attempt to learn of another "institution" where he could get hired as director.

RK will be glad to bet at even odds walker's public career in rugDUMB is finished and about the best he can do for employment is to become a "curator" for some fat check-book collector with a dream of putting together a world class collection of wool.

The only advice we could give such a prospect is caveat emptor.

Author: jc
Fri, Mar 27th, 2009 07:28:54 AM

Here is the press release (with our comments in italics)the textile museum issued to announce do nothing dan walker’s resignation:

“The Textile Museum Announces Director’s Resignation”

“March 25, 2009, Washington, D.C. — The Textile Museum announced today that Director Daniel Walker has resigned, effective March 23, 2009. Walker has served as director since May 2005.

In his letter of resignation to the Board of Trustees, Walker wrote, ‘Given the economic climate, this is a difficult time for museums large and small.’”
So what does this have to do with walker’s “resignation”? RK would have to opine absolutely nothing. There is little doubt walker was pushed out of his cushy job as director because, well, he did not direct anything other than some perfunctory duties that even a rug-moron like professor steev price=clown or a rug-fool like jr. howe could have accomplished. No, no walker’s ‘resignation’ has nothing to do economic climates or ‘difficult times’ it has to do with the fact do nothing dan is a do nothing kinda guy who did nothing and got dunned for that very reason.

“Therefore, the Board and I have come to a mutual agreement that this is the right moment for me to assist in the transition to a new director.”
Ho HO HO what a laugh parade walkers is leading. “Mutual decision”, my, my what a messy web he weaves when he practices to deceive. “Assist in the transition to a new director”, double HO HO – considering there is no new director in mind, or even on the horizon who does do nothing dan think he is fooling?

“I am eager to return to various research, writing and exhibition projects that have been set aside over the last four years.”
Triple HO HO. Perhaps if do nothing dan hadn’t set those “various research projects” aside for the past four years he might still be in the directors office. But, alas, walker is full of bullshit and we challenge him to annunciate clearly, distinctly and in detail even one of his alleged research projects. The floor is all yours, mr walker, and you do not even have to register to post on RugKazbah.com, so please go ahead and amaze RK and our audience with your “research” plans and prowess.

“My devotion to The Textile Museum and its collection is unwavering, …”
OK walker, RK is calling you on this one, too. Let’s all revisit do nothing dan’s statement even six months, let alone a year from now and see how “unwavering” walker’s “devotion” will be. RK’s crystal ball shows walker will be as “unwavering” and “devoted” as a street-dog would be to a bum who gave him a kick in the side. Please mr walker get yourself together and quit the charades and the bullshit, it is highly unbecoming to continue to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, even those of the dumbass jerks who populate rugDUMB. But hey now, dan, maybe you can team up with barry, the rug-cheat and self promoting rug-clown, oconnell, after all you did state oconnell’s idea about rugs are worthwhile, etc etc…why don’t the two of you work together on those “various research projects” you’ve set aside?

“…and I look forward to providing advice and assistance to the Museum beyond the official conclusion of my tenure.”
Hey, dan, you’re shoveling more bullshit here, careful you don’t bury yourself even further. And what assistance would anyone at the textile museum want from a disgraced former director whose “resignation” was tendered as he was thrown out the door?

“Walker’s letter of resignation was reluctantly accepted by Board President Bruce P. Baganz.”
As far as RK is concerned, and mind you this is conjecture on our part, big mouth bruce baganz led the charge to dislodge walker from his director’s swivel chair, so any reluctance baganz harbored was limited to the time he and others had to wait before they ganged up and chucked walker out the door.

“In response, Baganz said, “The Textile Museum’s Board of Trustees is grateful for Daniel Walker’s leadership over the past four years.”
Hey mr baganz, how about getting your tenses right, it should be was grateful not is. And by the way if you and the board are so “grateful” for dan’s “leadership” why is he going bye-bye? RK will let you ponder that one and gladly offer you, or anyone on the board, the opportunity to reply here on RugKazbah.com, after all it is an open forum, unlike any other than exists in rugDUMB.

“His extensive museum experience and thorough knowledge of textiles has helped to reinforce the Museum’s reputation as a world leader in the study and presentation of the textile arts.””
Oh, really bruce? Phuleeze, mr big-mouth, did dan reinforce the textile museum’s “reputation” like you are reinforcing it? Well, if so than maybe your statement is true but since we all know it isn’t who do you think you are fooling? And by the way, bruce, since you were the person who hired do nothing dan and championed him what kind of nonsense are you trying to weave now that walker’s out the door? Frankly, RK might suggest it is time for you to get going as well. And we don’t mean get going to choose another clown to sit in the director’s office but getting your butt out of that luxurious board room asap. Your “tenure” as chairman of the board is about a feeble and worthless as walker’s as director was. And again, RK offers you or anyone one the opportunity to post here anytime 24/7 to plead your case and prove us wrong. Go ahead, big-mouth, the world is watching…

“During Walker’s tenure, The Textile Museum presented 16 diverse and highly acclaimed exhibitions, including three curated by the director himself: Seldom Seen: Director’s Choice from the Museum’s Collections (February 10 – July 30, 2006), Pieces of a Puzzle: Classical Persian Carpet Fragments (September 1, 2006 – January 7, 2007), and Recent Acquisitions (March 6, 2009 – January 3, 2010).”
This is laughable, calling the small gallery shows walker “curated” “acclaimed exhibitions” is a stupid as allowing barry oconnell to give a talk in the textile museum on “classifying Caucasian Rugs by the language of the weavers”. Only a moron of a museum director like walker would have allowed that to transpire and RK can only state walker’s “acclaimed exhibitions” were far too little and that’s why he’s out the door. No matter how much gilding baganz or the press department of the textile museum tries to lay on walker’s leaden time as director it will never cover the fact walker is a do nothing kinda guy whose past and present finally caught up with him.

“Baganz commented, “We anticipate an exciting schedule of diverse exhibitions in the years ahead which will bear Daniel Walker’s artistic mark, including this spring’s Constructed Color: Amish Quilts and the upcoming exhibitions, Contemporary Japanese Fashion: The Mary Baskett Collection, Designing Women of Postwar Britain, and Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats.””
This list of “exciting exhibitions” is as laughable as suggesting walker made any “artistic mark” anywhere as director of the textile museum or as “curator” at the Metropolitan Museum. And might we ask mr baganz why the textile museum, whose collections are predominantly Near Eastern, is presenting Amish quilts or modern Japanese couture? Frankly both these genres, plus Central Asian Ikats, are such shop-worn exhibition topics that they need no more public airings. No, no big-mouth bruce it’s time to face the fact and realize all the music that has been played since you and walker have been leading the orchestra is, to put it kindly, off-key and boringly droll.

““On behalf of the entire Museum community, we wish Dan all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to an ongoing friendship,” Baganz said.”
Here’s another wager RK will be glad to lay long, long odds on: any “ongoing friendship” between walker and baganz, or the textile museum itself, will be as durable and long lasting as a strand of over-cooked pasta. Honestly, we believe do nothing dan was nothing more than a scape-goat for the stupidity and ineptitude of baganz and the rest of the textile museum’s board. Sure, sure do nothing dan was easily scape-goated but that fact will not hide the truth about chairman big mouth-bruce and the rest of the board.

So mr baganz what closet are you now going to reach into to grab a new broom to sweep clean the mess your leadership has now mired the textile museum in?

We hear “must buy” cathy, flying penis, cootner is available for the director’s job and would “love” to get back in the saddle, any saddle again.

Or how about promoting mr oconnell from esteemed lecturer at the textile museum to director?

Or lastly why don’t you and all your great ideas shift from the chairman of the board’s nice comfy chair to the director’s swivel chair?

Reading the crapola this press release attempts to forward is both laughable and pathetic, and time is ripe for rugDUMB to realize time’s up and unless things are changed and changed radically oriental carpet appreciation and studies will once again get swept under art history’s rug while pompous dumbass clowns like walker, baganz, hot-air harry kesheshian, swindle swann and a host of other textile museum groupies and hangers-on bask in the now fading light of George Hewitt Myer’s great collections and gifts of his home and endowment to what he hoped would be posterity.

But don’t worry George there are those few of us who not only appreciate what you did but honor it with actions befitting of yours.

Too bad schmucks like walker and baganz are calling the shots and not us.

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