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Sat, Jun 20th, 2009 06:38:36 AM
Topic: Rug-collectors: men or mice?

Recently RK was surveying the situation in rugDUMB and honestly about the only comment we can make is it stinks.

The much heralded but poorly performing icoc and acor events and that rag hali magazine are the poster boys and girls for rugDUMB's pathetic failure to create far more mainstream appreciation for antique and historic oriental rugs.

Added to that we have the equally as bleak situation facing historic oriental rugs in the museum world. The Metropolitan Museum in New York, like the textile museum in Washington DC and the deYoung Museum in San Francisco, all appear to be floundering rudderless and leader-less as far as curatorial expertise and knowledge about historic oriental rugs.

Whose fault is this, RK would posit?

It is the fault of everyone who is involved in our field -- remember silence is consent. And what collecting area could possibly be more Casper Milktoast, timid and abysmally quiet than rug collecting?

None we have ever heard of or know about.

Letting that shyster, liar, thief and creep dennis dodds get away with ripping of LACMA by selling them that piece of crap pseudo-"Bellini" as 16th century, rather than the late 18th century at best genre period reproduction that it is, might be the lynchpin event that has pushed historic oriental rugs and rug studies into the sub-basement of museum interest here in America.

No, no dear and gentle readers, rugDUMB is populated by neutered, chicken-shit, greedy arseholes and carpet-bagging big-time poser honchos like dodds, thompson, franses; disgraced dealers like ebberhard hermann and franz the crook sailer; not to mention rug society mokes and schmucks like mark hopkins, jim burns, brian the midget brain morehouse and tons of dopey wanna be, richer or poorer, check-book collectors.

All of the above, added to the legions of lesser folks who talk about "doing something" in the rug world, only end up forwarding a bullshit and corrupt rugDUMB agenda that has, over the past 30 years, done little if anything to raise the profile and general tenor of appreciation for genuine scholarship, research and investigation.

So as they say enjoy lying in the bed you've made --one things is for sure RK will never lay our head down, to even take a cat-nap let alone a long night slumber, on those soiled and filthy sheets....

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