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Sat, Jun 20th, 2009 06:35:41 AM
Topic: cheats, greedy morons, pompous posers

RugDUMB should hang its collective head in shame.

What the fuck is wrong with you people who populate the circle-jerk collecting arena rugDUMB has become?

In any other arena a thief, liar and cheat like dennis dodds would have been ostracized long ago; a self-centered, self-promoting bully and creep like ebberhard hermann would have been run out of business on a rail; a long on talk but short on expertise poseur like robert pinner would have been disgarded along with the trash rather than hired by a major museum to write the text to a collectors "donation" that says nothing new or original in 100 plus pages; a yellow-journalistic, over-priced rag like hali magazine would have shriveled on the vine long ago rather than continue to garner suckers, errr subscribers, to read the stilted, advertiser-driven opinions and "articles" it publishes; and putrid self-serving pompous organizations like icoc and acor would have never made it past the first couple of meetings rather than continue to have support from a cadre of sycophantic wanna-be collectors, not to mention the abysmally bleak "scholarship" presented by almost every presenter that nary an attendee would dare to criticize or even worse know how to.

RK could go on and on but that would be just over-kill and Lord knows rugDUMB is already on its last legs thanks to the inability of those involved to face the truth and the facts.

But before we go let RK remind all of you about the mediocre, crapola, commercial, airport-art rugs peddled at sotheby, christie and skinners, not to mention grogans and rippon boswell, as "collector" pieces to an audience that couldn't/wouldn't recognize a real collector piece if they were wrapped up in it.

The times are a changin' and they surely ain't changing for the better in RugDumb and RK challenges and defies anyone to prove us wrong.

But we know not one of you will stand up to squeek out anything because facts are on our side and besides 99% of rugDumb's population is too stupid, afraid and chicken-shit to stand up and try even if they believe RK to be wrong.

So enjoy the two-bit weenie-roast and don't forget to renew your hali subscription, to signup early for the next icoc and acor events and please dont sit on your paddles at the upcoming sotheby, christie and rippon boswell auctions -- after all someone has to buy all that airport-art to keep people, like lost-in-the-sauce-without-a-clue otsea and mr questionable, ridiculous-attribution, maltzahn employed, now don't they...

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