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Thu, Jul 22nd, 2010 01:10:11 PM
Topic: dodds: A Lying Sack of Shit

Of course the lying sack of shit RK refers to is dennis, the thief, dodds, and while RK has extensively documented the lies and deceit dodds used to convince the now disgraced and fired LACMA curator, dale gluckman, to recommend the rug's purchase we recently uncovered this photo.

dennis dodds at his booth during the
1990 Dealer’s Fair at the icoc event in San Francisco

detail showing dodds in front of the bogus late genre
period bellini LACMA’s donors paid $250,000 for in 2004

When RK first spoke to gluckman she told us “Mr Dodds never offered the rug for sale before he offered it to us”.

This photo, as well as a host of others we have published, clearly demonstrate what a liar dodds is -- forget about how full of shit he is concerning the rug itself.

Five years on RK is still disgusted dodds has gotten away scot-free with the greatest and most despicable rug crime of the past 125 years.

And so should you…

By the way, no one bought it in 1990, and still to this day no one would ever have unless dodds found another naive and trusting soul, like gluckman, who could have foolishly written a check, or gotten someone else to.

To think dodds who is the president of the icoc, recipient of the McMullan award and others, has yet to be called out or even questioned by anyone except RK makes us even more disgusted.

And it should disgust you, too...

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 22nd, 2010 01:10:11 PM

RK is reposting this to remind everyone of dodd's deceit and thievery.

After telling the now disgraced and unemployed, thanks to her trusting dodds and his spiel, former LACMA costume and textile department acting curator Dale Gluckman he had never offered the bogus 'bellini' for sale prior to his offer to her Gluckman championed the rug to LACMA's collector's circle of donors.

Of course, dodds, the lying thief, also told her the bogus 'bellini' was 16th century and a masterpiece of its type, and it was these words that sealed the deal.

Well, here is a picture of dodds in front of the bogis 'bellini' on his stand at an icoc proving what a bald-face liar and cheat he is.

Check it out, if you doubt what RK says.

And please note the fact jon the con thompson and louise i know nothing about Anatolian rugs, mackie vetted the rug and agreed with dodds is meaningless, as they both either were paid off by dodds or, and this is our take on it, were too stupid to realize dodds's 'bellini' was a late genre period reproduction.

On another front: RK is readying our video of thompson avoiding at all costs discussing his huge mistake and will, we promise, have it online soon.

There are some minor issues we need to clear up before posting it so stay tuned and watch thompson squirm like a little boy caught with his pants down (perish the thought of having to witness thompson pantless).

But regardless of the age or importance of dodds's 'bellini' the fact he lied through his dental work to make the "sale" is undeniable, unbecoming and disgusting.

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 1st, 2009 05:40:23 AM

Countless numbers of RugKazbah.com's readers have read our condemnation of dennis dodds and not one of you has stood up to defend his actions.

Nor have any of you stood up to join RK in calling for proper peer review of the situation.

The fact none of you have said peep about this is perhaps even worse than what dodds has done.

But than again what else to expect?

You all are living in a world that is being run by individuals who are just as morally corrupt and duplicitous as dodds -- you have watched America pursue wars and military activity activities that when characterized as inhuman might be too kind.

You have, over the past 25 years, silently watched America become economically, politically and morally bankrupt.

You have done nothing but turn on your television sets, turn on your microwave ovens and read newspapers where reportage is completely controlled and neutered.

This is a pathetic situation, and one you all are beginning to pay for today and will continue to pay for in the future.

A person like dodds is nothing but a poster-boy for your stupidity, laziness and moral turpitude.

It's no wonder none of you have had the courage to say anything -- congrats, suckers.

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