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Tue, Oct 20th, 2009 01:01:12 PM
Topic: next acor in SF?

RK has just received an email from a reader concerning this publicity blurb:

"SFBARS members sincerely interested in participating in the preparations for a possible February 2011 ACOR (American Conference of Oriental Rugs) in the Bay Area are invited to join Tom Hubbard, President of ACOR, and Peter Poullada at a lunch meeting at Greens Restaurant in Fort Mason, San Francisco, at noon on October 16th. Depending on response, SFBARS may be putting together an Executive Committee to begin work on this project. Those interested please RSVP to Peter Poullada at 415-602-0709 or by email to Peter Poullada or Tom Hubbard."

We were told it appears on the website for the motel rug show happening later this month.

Frankly, all RK can say about this is to question why hubbard, who with the rest of the "executive committee" messed-up and destroyed any possibilities of having that last, aborted, acor in St. Louis, would be allowed to plan anything other than chucking the airport-art collection of rugs he owns into the nearest dumpster.

And as far a poullada goes, all we can comment is this man is, at best, a neophyte rug collector who believes he is an expert.

Ho, HO on that one because poullada has proven what a rug-schmuck he is. Anyone remember the dumbass article he wrote about the deYoung's Turkmen rugs, and RK comments?

Or how about the novice and worthless contribution poullada made to the deYoung's recent, and great we might add, Turkmen rug exhibition. The nonsensical wall labels were penned by poullada and honestly this man should not be allowed to discuss, or even touch, any oriental rug -- let alone a Turkmen masterpiece.

No, no dear readers, believing a rug-dunce like hubbard, or a big-mouthed know-little like poullada, can organize anything, let alone something worthwhile, is as stupid as believing obama deserved a Nobel peace prize.

Don't make us laugh any harder....

Author: jc
Tue, Oct 20th, 2009 01:01:12 PM

RK has now queried a number of the dealers who traveled to San Francisco to participate in the "motel rug show", a well as a number of other "ruggies" who also found themselves there in Baghdad by the Bay as Herb Caen the famous newspaper columnist used to refer to the Bay area.

RK was not surprised to learn not one person attended the acor "planning session" mentioned in this thread.

Frankly, how anyone in their right mind would waste a nice saturday afternoon listening to a moron like tom hubbard, who as the titular head of the operation along with the rest of the losers on acor's "board" made a complete mess of the now aborted acor meeting that was to take place in St. Louis.

To say hubbard and the rest of the mokes and four-flushers on acor's board know nothing about old/antique/historic oriental rugs is a given. It is now equally apparent none of them can handle the rather simplistic and rote effort needed to put on a meeting like acor or the icoc.

And before any RK-haters start braying that we are making light of the work involved in setting up one of these meetings let RK assuage any such attempt by saying a meeting for a couple of hundred, or even a thousand, participants and setting up an exhibition or two is not a difficult thing to accomplish. But it clearly is a difficult thing to accomplish when morons like hubbard and his acor board-mates are leading the charge.

Pathetic is all RK can say --pathetic that losers like hubbard and rest of the acor board couldn't get it together in St Louis, and even more pathetic that these rug-numbskulls want another chance and rugDUMB will allow them.

Wake up, rugDUMB, you have been slumbering far too long.

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