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Wed, Nov 11th, 2009 11:18:20 PM
Topic: dodds, the rug-cheat's, latest offering

RK has called dennis dodds, the president of the icoc, a rug-moron and ignorant.

But what is worse is our stating dodds is a cheat, a thief and a crook.

Some steal with a six-gun others with a fountain pen croons Bob Dylan – how true, how true.

RK knows dodds would never take a gun to his victim, no a chicken-shitlittle like dodds prefers to hold up his victims with his fountain pen.

Below is a recent internet offering dodds’s maqam gallery posted”

Let’s also see what dodds, a rug poseur if there ever was one, has to say about his piece:

a special small format central Anatolian kilim, just in, with a rare celadon green ground”.

Now then what might be so “special” about this piece? Honestly we’d be hard pressed to say anything other than boring, mediocre and ungainly or something similar.

But we do recognize there is something “different” about it regardless of its obvious lack of beauty and balance. That difference, race fans, is the fact it’s NOT woven in Anatolia (ie Turkey) but rather in the Balkans.

How does RK know this?

There are a number of reasons, for instance it’s “different-ness” being one of them (ie unlike other Anatolian kelim), which along with the “colors”, especially that “celadon”, and a structure and weave that also demonstrate far more affinity with the Balkans than with Turkish weaving styles.

But the warps that can be seen in the closeup of dodds’s Balkan kelim below provide more than enough proof of our placing it on the Balkan side of the Bosphorous.

So dodds, the great and world wide recognized (bogus) rug-expurt can’t even identify a kelim from Anatolia from one produced across the European divide-- what a dunce, besides being a greedy dishonest rug thief and cheat.

Let’s finish by publishing the rest of dodds’s spiel:

Possibly late 18c, it is certainly no later than the mid 19c.

Believing this droll, totally uninteresting kelim is “possibly late 18c” is laughably stupid but stating with papal proclamation it “is certainly no later than the mid 19c” is downright asinine.

But for a serial over-dater like dennis, the thief, dodds such writs of bullshit are par for the course, is it any wonder RK believes dodds needs to be run out of rugDUMB asap?

Bold and angular archaic extensions” dodds continues “create an appealing architecture to the open and balanced composition.

The fact dodds is an “architect” makes him see “architecture” where anyone with 20/20 sees a structure that is flaccid and barely hanging together.

As for anyone who claims to be an architect describing dodds airport-art kelim’s composition as “open and balanced”?

In RK’s opinion that architect shouldn’t be designing anything, let alone trying to use architectural metaphor, like dodds does, to pass off a piece of junk like this on unsuspecting buyers.

But dodds the consummate sleazy carney barker saves the best for last:

The size is 27 x 56 inches, 68 x 145 cm. a unique collector piece.

How dodds could believe anyone but a wet-behind the ears novice could believe this bullshit is unfathomable. But dodds knows something, and what he knows is that rugDUMB is populated by naïve dolts who so trustingly believe the president of the icoc speaks truth.

Sorry for them that dodds not only speaks with a forked tongue but one of those forks is wrapping itself around their wallet.

For quite sometime, long before his 2004 LACMA ripoff, dodds has been a perpetrator pawning over-dated mediocre weavings off on his customers. So might it be possible, as some in rugDUMB foolishly believe, that dodds just don’t know the difference between the crap he often sells and the real thing he alleges it is?

RK find this to be untenable but if it is the case we’d not be surprised, as we have always known dodds was both a thief/cheat and a rug know-little. And as time goes on we are only more convinced……

Author: jc
Wed, Nov 11th, 2009 11:18:20 PM

Below, printed in italics, is the fallacious and flatulent “bio” dodds published about himself on a website where he trolls for suckers to buy his mediocre overpriced and dated merchandise. Along with, and to counter, dodds’s blatant deceptions and lies RK publishes in bold type-face the facts, something a pompous rug-clown like dodds believes doesn’t exist.

For RK to state dennis dodds is full of shit might be, believe it or not, too gentle an epithet to hang on someone of his ilk.


Well how about for starters the fact dodds is a proven liar to whom deception and dishonesty appear to be second nature.

So while rugDUMB slumbers and allows dodds, and others we could name, free reign to lie and cheat let RK shed some rays of light and truth unto dodds’s crapola filled “bio”:

“MAQAM(ed. Maqam is the name of dodds’s rug gallery business) was begun some thirty years ago as the outgrowth of an informed collector interest.”

RK has already demonstrated dodds’s rug dealing began way before 1979, and his claiming he was just a ‘collector’ back then is utter bullshit.

There is no doubt dodds was a dealer back then and, yes while it is true he did not have an “official” gallery to do it from, dodds was dealing rugs from his place of residence in Philadelphia as early as 1975-79.

How does RK know this?

Easy, we visited him a number of times during those years, and for dodds to claim his gallery is an outgrowth of informed collector interest is equally as bogus.

1. dodds has never been an “informed” collector, as RK has proven he is now, and was then, nothing but a rug know-little, a wanna-be rug-poseur at best. In fact, we have shown him to be a rug-moron almost every time he opens his mouth about a rug – even the piss-poor mediocre pseudo-collector pieces, like that kelim RK recently wrote about, that dodds attempts to shuffle-off on unsuspecting ‘collectors’.

2. And what about dodds’s “interest”, informed or not, about old oriental rugs?

As far as RK can tell the only thing about old oriental rugs dodds is interested in is over-dating them, over-estimating their importance and then selling them for prices that are way too high to the unsuspecting, naïve, rug buyers he meets as president of the icoc, as well as in the other places a carpet-bagging, and bragging, schmuck like dodds trolls for clients.

“Educated as an architect and drawn to abstract, geometric patterns found in village and tribal weavings, I gravitated to early rugs of Anatolia and Turkmen tribal weavings with designs rendered more through structure and pattern than by form and portrait. “

For even a midget-brained ruggie nobody to claim the complex patterns of significance displayed on genuinely old Anatolian and Turkmen rugs are “rendered more through structure and pattern than by form and portrait” would be laughable.

But considering dodds has been the president of the largest and most significant rug organization for the past decade and more, makes this stupid and meaningless statement a mockery of the awards and accolades rugDUMB has showered on dodds, as well as once again demonstrating what a verbose ignorant rug clown dennis dodds truly is.

Fact of the matter is the “designs” of Anatolian and Turkmen rugs are anything BUT determined by their structure. Even a rug-dope like dodds should realize this, let alone be buried by critique from those, besides RK, who do know the difference between design that is driven not by “structure” but by history and tradition as is the case with those Anatolian and Turkmen rugs dodds “gravitated to”

“While in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, I became interested in medieval Islamic architecture and much of my research and writings are devoted to relationships between Islamic art, architecture and carpet design. “

RK defies dodds, or anyone else who thinks they can, to successfully demonstrate even ONE genuinely old, pre-1800, Anatolian or Turkmen rug with a design that has been significantly derived from a demonstrable example of “Islamic architecture”.

Here once again verbosity, and not reality, underlies dodds’s absurdly nonsensical statement and the fact no-one but RK calls him out on it makes it even worse.

“Many pieces from the collection have been published over the years in HALI, as well as in museum catalogues and related publications and several are now in prominent private and museum collections around the world.”

All RK can say is dodds needs to be jailed for violating every possible covenant of the truth in advertising laws that exist in the USA.

The only rug dodds has, to our knowledge, sold to a “museum” is the late genre period reproduction “bellini” he defrauded LACMA’s collector’s circle into buying and donating to them.

As for having his rugs published in hali?

Big flipping deal, as hali will publish anything as long as the owner pays for its publication or is, like dodds, in the ‘in-group’ of rug pundits and “expurts”.

And dodds’s rugs published in “catalogs”?

Pretty much everything of dodds’s that RK knows about that has been published in a “catalog” was done in the publications dodds himself edited.

Now if that ain’t equally as revolting as ripping off a major museum like LACMA, or lying through your teeth to make such a deal, RK gives up expecting rugDUMB will ever recognize the difference between the truth and a lie.

“We acquire and sell village and tribal pieces of a high standard for the connoisseur as well as the dedicated and serious beginning collector. “

To believe this one would have to be either a moron and fool of dodds's gargantuan proportions or just an equally duplicitous liar and thief as RK has proven dodds to be.

Fact is no one who is a knowledgeable connoisseur would buy anything from dodds without first very carefully examining it and his claims with and through their own experience and knowledge.

And as for beginning collectors and novices?

All RK can suggest is for them to avoid a liar, cheat and thief like dodds as if he was the plague unless they, too, wish to end up with an overpriced, over-estimated late genre period reproduction, like the bellini, dodds is still lying about.

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