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Sun, Dec 13th, 2009 11:56:52 AM
Topic: Golden Goose Belouch

Recently while perusing an internet website where a good rug might

once in a great while be for sale we spied this belouch

As we knew the seller, we called him up to inquire about the price and its availability.

After we determined the rug has been seriously cut and that the selvedges were gone we decided not the buy it.

However, since the owner had obviously missed the boat considerably -- he was "asking 400" for it, we offered to "reprice" it for him and in the process explain to him how much better it was than his stupid "asking 400" price tag.

He was interested, and agreed readily to "split 50/50" with RK "whatever more he got for it above 400".

RK then convinced him it was worth 1,500 and he should get at least 1,200.

He was pleased and after finishing the conversation we hung up.

Several weeks went by and honestly we forgot about the belouch when we called the owner again. Very soon into our call he told us he had sold it for 900 to an Italian dealer.

RK congratulated him and after listening to him say a few times "i probably should have gotten more than the 900" we eventually said something like "yeah you should've" only to shut him up about his failure to follow our lead surely not to start to moan about it along with him.

What's done was done we thought and since the rug was sold, and made each of us a couple hundred, what else could RK say -- after-all it was his rug.

The seller told us he would send us "some money" the next day, but after 10 days and no letter RK called.

It is fricking unbelieveable but this completely dishonest clown told RK:

1. he did not have the money to send even though the Italian dealer had already paid in full for it.

2.now get this: he then amazingly said because the postage was high and he only netted a bit less than 800 he was going to give RK 100 "when i have it".

Honestly RK likes money like everyone else, even a 'C-note', but when a piece of crap arsehole like the belouch's owner makes an extra 500 from our advice and then greedily decides for whatever capricious reason that 100 is enough to give RK, after agreeing to 200, we had only a few words of advice for this schmuck.

We told him, paul the belouch-boy romero, to take the 100 and shove it.

All we can say is why deal with a cheat and a liar without setting them straight immediately, or in this case take the 100 and then tell him?

RK won't now and we never have in the past dealt with dishonest schmucks no matter how well RK could have done with them.

That's why there's a long list of RK haters -- remember arsehole cheats and thieves hate to be shown to be arsehole cheats and thieves and when they are, like romero just was, they always react the same --indignance instead of contrition.

We're pretty positive mr romero will now join that list and can now cry-baby commiserate his own 'version' of how RK did him wrong.

What utter bullshit...

Author: jc
Sun, Dec 13th, 2009 11:56:52 AM

A public word to paul, the cheat, romero:

Sending RK an email, like the one below which we just received, is a major error.

You have seen RK does not put up with cheats and morons, both of which you have proven to be.

And even more so, RK does not appreciate being threatened, in any way, and your punk-ass email below, and its threat will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

You did receive our reply, romero, and what we wrote -- "take your gloves off".

So little man, let's see what you can muster -- we are here.

"Hey Jack:

Be clear. I am not intimidated by second rate sophists. Continue fucking with me and the kid gloves will come off.


Author: jc
Fri, Dec 11th, 2009 10:41:57 PM

Today RK received the following email from paul, the cheat, romero.

Frankly, either romero is an amnesiac or he is even more dishonest than RK imagined.

We have added a few of our comments in bold type

"Hi Jack:

I've heard rumors to the effect that you have been posting negative comments about me on you electronic gossip sheet--which I have not wasted my time reading."

To call RugKazbah.com an "electronic gossip sheet" might sound OK to a moron like romero who proves below he cannot differentiate "gossip" from "truth", please read on

"If those rumors are true, it would definitely indicate undue discourtesy."

This is typical for cheats and arseholes who are caught red-handed -- they play the victim, as their personal dishonesty --plus, in romero's case, dishonest business ethics -- prevent them from accepting guilt or contrition.

Clearly in romero's distorted mind when somene is cheated and talks about it they are being discourteous -- what a crock of shit from a proven liar and cheat.

"You should think again if you think discourtesy is without consequences."

Might romero, in his clearly distorted thoughts, believe being a liar and a cheat is "not without consequences"?

"Discourtesy may be the the reason that Jon Thompson, rather than you, has been invited to speak at the LACM."

Clearly romero is living in a dark, dank cave of idiocy. To suggest RK was not "invited to LACM"(sic) because of his "discourtesy" is about as dumbass as believing the moon is made of swiss-cheese.

"As for sending you money, I am debating whether to send you $100 or what you really deserve."

Thanks, romero, you just, like a thief who leaves his driver's license at the scene of the crime, proved to all not only what RK said about your dishonesty is 100% true but that you admit it.

Thanks for being honest and admitting guilt, even if you didn't intend to, fool. Strike one, Baby Ruth.

"My finances are a little tight now and even a small amount would be difficult."

If romero wishes, RK will be glad to send him the RugDUMB crying towel many fools and schmucks, like him, have already tear-stained to thread-baredness.

Let's all feel sorry for him, right?

What is with these idiots -- they steal and then use the flimsiest nonsensical ridiculous excuses to exonerate themselves.

Sorry romero, you cry baby wimp, strike two.

"In case you are interested in the facts regarding my sale of the Belouch to Sorgato, they are as follows. In an informal conversation you indicated that the Belouch might be worth more than I originally thought and you would like something if I sold it."

Well, romero, when you speak to anyone on the phone it is always informal but giving one's word, whether in an informal circumstance or in a formal one is still the same.

Have you no regard for your word?

"I agreed to pay you something--certainly no specific dollar amount or $200, so you would quit pestering me."

Hey romero, you douchebag, RK "pestering you"?

Get real, shithead, RK told you that we would value the piece and if and when you sold it you would give us half of what you got over the 400 dollars you asked us to pay. You agreed and RK told you to ask 1200 dollars. Period end of discusion.

When we then spoke to you days later and you started equivocating and playing the cry-baby "I have no money game and I can't pay you" RK hung up and has never spoke to you since, you lying sack of excrement. Strike three, wiffer.

Since Sorgato, or whomever, bought it for 900 dollars, as you admitted to us on the phone, that means you owed us 250 dollars.

Since you had shipping cost to Italy, we agreed to accept $200.

These are the facts, you fool, and your cry-baby bullshit, playing the victim and pointing a ridiculous finger at us for "pestering you" is nothing but complete and utter crapola.

You are a liar and a fool. But worse, you apparently always will be nothing but a little boy with a load in your pants.

Don't email RK and expect us to wipe your butt for you, shithead.

"Best Regards, Paul R."

RK is amazed at the incredible gall and pomposity a jerk like romero musters in his indefensible position.

Guess romero belongs to the school of I'm always right, even when I'm wrong -- perhaps he should become a politician?

Unreal, totally unreal....

Author: boo hoo, poor jack the world is so against you
email: rkbitchboy@whoremoth.com
Tue, Nov 24th, 2009 10:30:51 PM

Hey shit-head:

You have now crossed the line.

We are now going to get the authorities into this and will soon have more info on you.

Your accusations are, to say the least, incorrect, as well as spurious, and defamatory.

Persist and you will be hauled in front of a court for your criminal actions.

Remember slander and defamation are crimes.

Think we're kidding? Keep it up and you will soon find out what is what, you chicken-shit pissant.


Jack, the issue is not ‘where you chose to put your dick’ as you state but rather how little money is required for you to take one. You don’t remember publicly declaring (or rather boasting) how you’ve had to “sell your body”? We do. You should be thankful that anyone would want it. Guess it is priced to sell. So do you “choose” to prostitute yourself because you have discovered man-spunk to be a good macrobiotic protein source? We digress. The fact of the matter is that you are unable to reasonably and rationally assess your own behavior and are completely dishonest about your motivations as the above episode demonstrates. You are a cheat and a parasite and an uneducated ignoramus. Your projection of these traits onto others as well as any notion of others having “fantasies” concerning you is yet more evidence of your pathology. Pucker up, whore and don’t let life’s door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Author: boo hoo hoo, poor jack
email: jack@whoremouth.com
Tue, Nov 24th, 2009 03:33:42 PM

What is going on with this perceived homo/bullshit?

Are you projecting here, madam?

(or would you prefer "bitch"?)

Again, big brave talk but squeeky squeek walk, weasel.

And your fantasies about where we choose to stick our dick are as telling as they are demented.

Got that load, madam?


Jack, this latest temper-tantrum only goes to prove what we thought of you all along. You are a pathetic brat who will scream bloody murder at any perceived slight, however paranoid, but are too self-obsessed and pathological to recognize your own clear hypocrisy. Looks like the only decent thing your mother ever taught you was how to take a dick. Hope it serves you well because it is the only biz you seem to be getting. Time to practice a little self-reflection. Tonight when you are down on your knees taking some stranger’s load down your throat try this mantra… “I am my own worst enemy”.

Author: boo hoo
email: whatever@yourmouth.com
Tue, Nov 24th, 2009 10:47:35 AM

Hey shitface:

For someone who talks so big and brave you sure are a little chicken-shit to post here anonymousely, squeeky, squeek.

PLUS: your logic is incredibly faulty, maybe there's a reason?

Like, perhaps, you are just too stupid to realize what a schmuck you are?

Enjoy being a scared little nobody but go do it somewhere else -- you're boring us with your juvenile worthless patter...


The only principal that is demonstrated here is that people shouldn’t deal with a delusional parasitic cheat like you. If you honestly thought that that rug could have been sold for significantly more, you should have put your money where your mouth is and bought it. We suspect however that your mouth was occupied with other things. Keep sucking, jack. Maybe if you save up you’ll be able to afford the next one. Good luck at the truck stop!

Author: boo hoo
email: boohoo@crybaby.com
Tue, Nov 24th, 2009 12:23:49 AM

Hey dick-head

It's not the money, it's the principal.

And as afar as the rest of your comments go?

Let RK set you straight: You are not talking to runny newman here. That's his MO, not ours, schmuck.


Wow, Jack, stiffed $100? Guess that's another 200 cocks you'll have to suck to make up the difference. Have fun at the truck stop.

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