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Fri, Dec 4th, 2009 10:26:12 PM
Topic: Co-conspirators or just colleagues?

RK has wonder privately about this question since we first heard the facts and circumstances of how dodds's bogus "bellini" ended up in the Los Angeles County Art Museum(LACMA).

Gluckman, the now disgraced curator who fell for dodds's dishonest representation of the rug, relied on three even higher rug"experts" for advice and to verify dodds's claims about the "bellini"

Those three experts, Dr Walter Denny, dr jon thompson and louise mackie, all told Gluckman the rug was as dodds claimed -- a circa 1550 museum worthy masterpiece example.

Since then only Walter Denny has been honest enough to publicly admit his error. He did it while personally visiting LACMA about a year after the purchase.

During that talk Dr Denny also, in no uncertain terms, reclassified the "bellini" as 100 or 200 years later than the idiotic date of 1550 dodds claimed.

Denny also said it is a "pretty" rug but has never uttered the words "masterpiece" or "museum worthy".

As for thompson and mackie? Both of these stool pidgeons have not uttered a word publicly about their unfortunate errors in vetting the rug for LACMA and Gluckman.

So it is clear from his actions Denny could not possibly have been "working" with dodds, after all had he been RK is sure his opinion would not have changed nor would he have made that change public.

So did dodds "get to" thompson and mackie and "influence" their original opinions with cash?

After all the 250,000 dollars he got from LCMA's collector's committee would have allowed dodds to give someone a nice gift --- and who looks a nice gift horse in the mouth?

We are not accusing dodds, thompson or mackie of wrongdoing, nor are we implying that's what happened.

Rather we are just openly questioning the possibility it could have happened and, if that was the case, then it explains the stone silence from thompson and mackie.

And by the way: Since dodds got $250,000 from LACMA for a rug he was willing to sell for $135,000 (with a payment plan) to someone RK has spoken to, and at another point to someone else for $85,000, the extra $115,000, or 165,000 depending on which figures one uses, would have allowed dodds to be "generous" with anyone who might help him seal the deal.

Again RK is not claiming, insinuating or implying dodds bribed thompson or mackie. However, their continued silence for the past few years after the Denny mea culpa seems awfully suspicious to us -- awfully suspicious.

Author: jc
Fri, Dec 4th, 2009 10:26:12 PM

And speaking of awfully suspicious, the fact hali has not re-examined this situation should be sending alarm-bells ringing from Maine to Spain and beyond.

Let's all remember the article, written by rug-dunce sherri hunter published in hali. In that article she describes the "bellini" iconography as the "dumb bell design" and continues to forward dodds's ridiculously stupid idea the rug is circa 1550 and a masterpiece of its type.

There have been numerous gaffs, errors, mistakes, as well as instances where hali has gushed over mediocre pieces bought by their advertisers and completely ignored real and genuine masterpieces that were bought by non-advertisers or buyers who were not among the in-group hali favors.

However, hali's performance concerning the dodds/lacma "bellini", like that of mackie and thomspon, reeks of, at the least, cover-up and, at the highest, collusion.

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