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Wed, May 19th, 2010 05:20:41 AM
Topic: At It Again

RK has proven a number of facts about dennis dodds:

1. dodds is a liar

2. dodds is a cheat

3. dodds is a rug know-little

4. dodds is not a collector

5. dodds's credentials as a rug-scholar are tenuous and over-rated

6. dodds has used the few exhibitions he has organized in public Museums in Pennsylvania to peddle rugs from his own inventory placed there as 'exhibits' --this is highly improper

7. dodds is a consistent over-dater of the rugs he peddles on the internet, in his public advertisements and presumably in private dealings with 'collectors'

8. dodds knows of RK's criticisms, critiques and rebuttals, as well as our accusations about his knowledge and lack of personal and profession honesty and he has never once defended himself, which in anyone's mind can only mean dodds knows he is guilty as charged and has no defense

Today, on a public website, dodds listed the following Mudjur prayer rug for sale

Its not a bad example, in fact it is, compared to many, it's a better one, HOWEVER, it is not 18th century as dodds ridiculously claims

To call it early 19th century would be sufficient but not for a serial over-dater and cheat like dennis dodds

Think about it -- dodds is a rugDUMB reprobate, his actions in the LACMA 'bellini" fiasco and rip-off are surely unbecoming to say the least and criminal in RK's opinion, yet dodds continues on his merry cheating way because no one in rugDUMB is brave or honest enough to call him out for his transgressions, lies, and thievery.

No one except RK

Wake up people and at least move to remove dodds from his icoc presidency, what a joke, as well as join with RK to put LACMA on notice that dodds's thievery in l'affaire "bellini" is something you are concerned and upset about.

How many more times will you all allow dodds to get away with his machinations and highly questionable actions???

Author: jc
Wed, May 19th, 2010 05:20:41 AM

There is a saying: "Idiocy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

Dopey dodds, the cheat and liar, has once again listed this Mudjar prayer rug for sale on rugraBID.com.

This is at least the third or fourth time dodds has tried to peddle this rug on that website.

Is dodds so stupid to believe relisting it on the same website over and over will help him find a buyer?

If so, let RK put him out of his misery and inform dodds he will meet with the same result no matter how many times he tries.

By the way, dumbass dodd is not the only one to believe in miracles.

That equally as revolting runny newman, another sterling example of rugDUMB's penchant to turn a blind eye to those who are, in RK's opinion, contemptible, is as foolish -- he, too, relists the same items over and over hoping some moke will pony up and buy his over-advertised and exposed merch.

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 27th, 2010 11:07:53 AM

RK would like to add slow-learner to the other epithets, like cheat, thief, liar, rug-know-little, pompous rug-fool and clown, we have christened dennis dodds with.

RK has suggested adding slow-learner to dodds's name on account of his relisting this Mujur prayer rug, once again, on the internet as 18th century, which is surely a major stretch of reality.

To say dodds is, in RK's opinion, an incorrigible abuser of honest and fair dealing would be redundant since RK has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt dodds's blatant disregard for anything even remotely akin to his honoring those words in his dealings.

It's about time rugDUMB™ sent dodds out to pasture, or better yet sent him packing on a sharpened rail after a nice warm bath in tar and a roll on some plucked turkey-feathers.

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