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Sun, Mar 28th, 2010 10:33:31 AM
Topic: Compelling? Or
Just Plain Ugly

This rug as you can see from the label below it was posted for sale online by dennis the liar and cheat dodds:

Maqam, Dennis R. Dodds
Fragment of early Kurdish work, probably Sauj Bulag, with compelling graphic iconography.
The size is 3.3 wide x 2.5 high(100x74cm). price:
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Maqam, Dennis R. Dodds's pages

Now compelling is a pretty strong descriptive tag to hang on a rug, especially one as uncompelling as this.

RK has often chided and rebuked dodds for his continuing penchant to over-date and over-describe mediocre weavings in glowing and glorious terms.

Why rugDumb allows a creep and cheat like dodds to continue is beyond our comprehension.

But what is even further incomprehensible is dodds's free rein to pull the wool over unsuspecting clients and customers and sell such goods.

Is this rug compelling? and if so what does it compel the viewer to do?

RK will have to say if it is compelling then it should compel any sensible, let alone proficient, viewer to quickly find something else to look at.

For us to say dodds's rug is ugly, late and ghastly might compliment it too much.

Let RK send our most sincere condolences to the fool who bought it and hope they are compelled to return it to dodds and get their money back.

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