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Fri, Apr 2nd, 2010 12:36:56 PM
Topic: Silent Majority/Minority

First off let RK remind those who might have missed it before: RK knows not EVERYONE in rugDUMB needs or deserves to be rebuked and RK recognizes there has been some, though pitifully meager, effort to enhance and enlarge the tiny toe-print historic oriental rugs maintain in the art world.

That said we would like to pose the rhetorical question and ask why most of you remain silent and uncounted for on the important issues RK has continually highlighted?

We well know it is often difficult to "go against the grain" and standup when everyone else remains glued to their chair.

However, who among you can say you are satisified with the abysmal state of affairs rugDUMB remains mired in?

Who among you approves of the disgustingly selfish, duplicitous and yes criminal actions somelike dennis dodds has and continues to perpetrate?

Who among you is satisified with the low-end reputation historic oriental rugs presents?

Who among you knows enough to differentiate a piece of airport-art from a genuine historic weaving?

RK could go on posing such questions but we know none of you do, or will even attempt to answer otherwise--that's why we modified our questions with the rhetorical adjective.

The existence of a silent majority/minority, whether in rugDUMB or in national/international politics, allows the powers that be to continue to foist and perpetrate their agendas.

Their agendas are, as any eyes wide open viewer can deduce, organized to help themselves, surely not to help anyone outside their tiny cliques.

So don't you all think it is time for you silent ones to stand up and demand, in whatever sphere such paradigms exist, change?

Calling dodds to the carpet to publicly answer for his blatantly revolting actions, particularly the bogus 'bellini' rip-off, would be a logical place to start.

Think out it objectively and then do something unless, of course, you enjoy the present state of affairs.

By the way, should you, let RK be the first to state you are not in any silent majority/minority but rather in a dumbass, amazingly stupid and ignorant majority.

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