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Tue, Apr 27th, 2010 10:33:16 AM
Topic: dodds the peddler

RK has heard rumors thru the grapevine for the last year or so that dodds was going to 'retire'.

Honestly, RK would have trouble thinking up a better scenario for rugDUMB, as dodds has been, and is, a blight on the already well moth-eaten rag rugDUMB presently represents.

Today on rugRABId.com dodds listed an ugly, end of the line Beshir prayer rug of what he calls the 'stele'-type.

RK knows this piece well, as dodds has been trying to peddle it for many years, naturally without success.

Should dodds 'retire' RK will not allow him to have a peaceful time because dodds's crimes against rugDUMB are serious and egregious.

More importantly his leaving the scene without rebuke, let alone more serious charges, will do nothing to ameliorate, let alone reverse, what dodds has done.

RK and many others know dodds is nothing but a greedy schiester, a rug-know-little and a dumb bastard.

One more comment: Should dodds really retire he will then have enough time to take RK up on any or all of the challenges we have offered him.

Of course, we know he won't, for if he did even a dumbass-schmuck and self-impressed shit-head like dodds knows we'd make mince-meat out of the mealy-mouthed bullshit dodds has been handing to his naive trusting 'clients' and rugDUMB in general for decades.

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