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Sat, May 22nd, 2010 10:24:45 AM
Topic: rugraBID.com Part IV

I am really intrested to this rug .
What is the highest offer that you had for it ?, I will offer more !
Can you send me more images ?
Best Regards,
Ziya Bozoglu.
Perugia - Italy.

RK has had some experience with bozoglu and even once did some business with him.

About 10 years ago we offered to sell bozoglu an outstandingly rare and wonderful west Anatolian 18th century prayer rug.

After spending about 6 months ‘bargaining’, our price was commensurate with its importance, he finally got us to reduce the price enough for him to purchase it.

We sent the rug to him in Italy on his promise to instantly wire transfer the payment, but that ‘instant payment’ he promised kept us on the phone with him many times until, more than a month after receiving it, bozoglu’s payment finally arrived.

That was the first and last time we ever offered anything to bozoglu.

Then, about a year later, we saw the rug at moshe tabibnia’s gallery for sale.

This made us realize bozoglu is nothing but a picker for tabibnia and all bozoglu’s big talk about being an ‘important’ rug buyer and dealer is nothing but hot-air and complete bullshit.

So this time, RK did not even bother emailing bozoglu back as we are sure his offer to “pay more” was just more of the same.

Another wanna-be buyer for the Vakiflar rug was gerard pacquin, whose incredibly stupid attempt to foist a group of fake, recent reproduction embroideries on rugDUMB several years ago received considerable coverage here on RugKazbah.com.

After a number of emails we received from him concerning the Vakiflar rug we received the following:

Dear Evan,
I am sure that you have received many emails, but, if you want a real offer (and I emphasize real) that actually leads to a sale, you will need to provide better photographs (high definition and in detail, including a close shot of the back) and information as to the condition of the piece that photos might not tell—(for example, as to whether the foundation is rotten or brittle or in good condition).
Real offers are based on real information.
I would also want to know who you are and whether the rug actually belongs to you.
Can you provide the preceding?
Where would you ship the rug from?
Gerard Paquin

Besides being a semi-ignorant ruggie, witness the embroidery fiasco, pacquin is also a prig and a pompous clown.

Being offered a chance to buy a rug like the Vakiflar rug, at least in RK’s world, should be viewed as a honor but pacquin’s third degree of the seller, Evan, demonstrates why RK can’t stand a moron like him.

Seems to RK pacquin should have put the third degree on the dealers in 'stanbul who pawned that group of bogus embroideries on him, n'est ce pas?

And who is pacquin to talk about a ‘real offer” after parading thaa bunch of disgustingly fake reproductions as genuine 16th century embroideries.

Get lost, pacquin, and do not forget to take your hi-falutin’ aires, repro embroidery and over-rated reputation in rugDUMB with you.

By the way, RK once, about 10 plus years ago, offered an outstandingly beautiful pile bagface to pacquin.

Not only did he foolishly “pass” on buying it but, after examining it for about an hour, he convinced us he knows next to nothing about exceptional historic weavings.

End of that story is we sold that bagface to another collector, who was so glad to buy it that to this day whenever we see him he thanks RK for having sold it to him.

The following set of emails from david sorgato is somewhat humorous.

RK knew sorgato’s father and have far more respect for him than we do for his big-talking son who followed in his footsteps and became a rug dealer.

We bought a couple of great pieces from the father but as yet have never seen anything exceptional with his son.

We did offer david a unique, ancient Turkmen saf and after pestering us for months about it sorgato finally dropped the ball and did not buy it.

He wasted months of RK’s time ‘considering’ the saf, asked for pictures several times and kept emailing us about it.

Soon after realizing what a time-waster sorgato is RK sold the saf to an American collector. Needless to say we have never offered sorgato anything since nor will we ever.

Here’s the end of the litany of david sorgato’s attempt to buy the Vakiflar rug from ‘Evan’.

Hello David:
I want offers, not talk
This is a very old and rare rug the condition is not important
Make an offer if you like, as many emails have come and many offers

Thank you Evan

We then received the following from sorgato, and quite clearly he is so mixed up he wrote ‘Evan’ about the Tekke embroidered asmalyk instead of realizing he was writing to the wrong person.

sorry but as a dealer condition is important! for me and for collectors!
Please send some details from this tekke asmalyk.
After a good looking I will give you a price.
I must have a look from the two sides and see the embroidery quality for a good dating and offer.
Thank you,

Soon thereafter sorgato realized his mistake and sent ‘Evan’ the following email:

this kind of textile are pretty good for collector!
Condition is very important!
But if you can; let me know your last price!
I'm a dealer in Italy and as I wrote you I'm preparing a show with > Turcoman rugs; textiles and Kilims, so I'm very intrested.
Pleasy keep me as last option!
Thank you.
David Sorgato

After his performance with the saf RK wouldn’t keep sorgato as the last option for anything, let alone a rug as early and outstanding as the Vakiflar piece he probably is still dreaming about owning.

That’s it for this installment, stay tuned for the next.

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