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Wed, Jun 2nd, 2010 12:38:23 AM
Topic: rugraBID.com Part V

Perhaps the most surprising result of our little ‘experiment’ was the fact ben evans, hali’s editor, is such a rug-hound and avid rugraBID.com participant.

Not only did benny, boy-editor, express interest in buying the Tekke asmalyk but he also wanted to buy the Vakiflar rug.

RK surely can not fault him for wanting to own it but his seemingly hot passion for buying rugs does seem to RK to be a bit of a conflict with his job.

Should the editor of hali be running after rugs on the market to add to his ‘collection’?

As we see it no, he shouldn’t, as doing so raises some serious questions, not the least of which is the implied impartiality being the editor of a rug magazine carries.

But conflicts of interest have always been inherent in hali’s place in rugDUMB, and the fact ben evans went after our rug experiment is proof positive such thoughts of hali’s culpability are well placed and put.

Here’s the email exchange between ben evans and Evan Hollister, the pseudonym RK used to post the Vakiflar rug on rugraBID.com.

From: bene38@mac.com
To: evanhollister@aol.com
Sent: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 11:59 am
Subject: [rugrabbit.com] Forwarded from rugrabbit about item 28753
Inquiry :
Nice rug - what is the price and condition?

Here is Evan’s reply:

Who are you?
I have received many emails the rug is very old and very good and you can see the damages in the photo.
So please make your offer and do it soon as many people are interested.
Thank you

To which ben evans replied:

When is the closing out time for this sale and do you have any provenance info on where it comes from?

RK then came out from behind our charade and replied directly to benny, boy-editor:

ben, you schmuck

the rug is in the collection of the Vakiflar
i posted it as an experiment and learned what i needed to know
what a piece of crap you are
if you knew anything about old turkish rugs you'd have offered "Evan" a blank check instead of trying tyo play footsie with"him"
soon hali will be gone and you;ll be on the street
good riddens to you, sebastian and hali, which is nothing but a blight on rugDUMB
enjoy your ignorance, shithead

Figuring that was the end of that, we were then quite surprised to receive another email from ben evans:

I would appreciate it if you don't try now send me abusive emails on this home email account
please as I don't want my two young kids to read those sort of things as they use this email too.
Fine at work but please not at home.

Fine at work but not at home?

Seems to us ben’s objection to what we wrote wasn’t the fact we used some vernacular but rather that we called him a moron and a twit and that, not the vernaclar, is what ben evans doesn’t want his children to read.

Those at hali probably know well what a wet-behind-the-ears schmuck their editor is, so don’t worry, bene38, soon your children will know it as well.

And here is RK’s reply to benny, boy-editor’s, request:

like most moronic pedants who hide behind bogus excuses your palaver is bullshit
your kids watch tv and go to movies, forget the schoolyard, where they hear words far more "abusive" than what i wrote or would ever write
you are nothing but a sad excuse for a human being, a punk-ass fool, a worthless 98.6 pool of soon to be rotting flesh
your "job" is more menial than a wet-nurse
go suck your master's tit and quit pretending you are anything but the piss-poor piece of crap we have called you

So much for the rug-hound now sitting in the editor’s chair at hali magazine.

RK’s experiment also dredged-up the following emails from webb hill who, with runny newman, vies for the most disgustingly perverted rug collector of all time.

Seems webb hill is not sure if he is a man or a woman, likes to dress in ladie’s undergarments when he frequents gay-bars and, as RK has been told by those close to him, believe it or not webb exposes himself to young children in the parks of San Francisco.

We have also learned webb has been arrested for exposing himself and narrowly missed prosecution because the parents of the children he exposed himself to did not want to further traumatize their children by having them appear in court.

RK met webb hill in 1973 and always got the feeling webb was a creep, a selfish shithead and a chisler. Learning about his other crimes did not surprise us one bit – he is a pervert and a deviant who should be avoided at any cost.

RK will, however, be the first to admit webb has found and bought some great rugs but his knowledge of them and his business ethics and practices are so revolting that RK stopped dealing or talking with him almost 20 years ago.

With that as a preamble here is the email exchange between webb and “Evan” over the Vakiflar rug.

From: webbo@att.net
To: evanhollister@aol.com
Sent: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 12:38 pm
Subject: [rugrabbit.com] Forwarded from rugrabbit about item 28753
Hello, and where might you be? I'm extremely interested in this rug please get back to me asap....... Webb Hill

We then. Almost immediately received a another email from webb:

Hi, again just was wondering what the error might have been that you felt you made? anyway as I just said in my last email I am extremely interested in your rug!!! please email me asap and don't sell it until I've had a chance to make an offer please....... Webb Hill

‘Evan’ then replied

Please make an offer as I am receiving many emails and offers.
Thank you

A third email from webb then arrived:

Even..... Can you send me a couple of other pics of this rug,,,,,,, a pic of the back showing the weave,,,,, I.E. a section approx one foot by one foot and a detail about the same size showing the top of the rug........ That's all I would need,,,,,,,, If you are in the U. S. please tell me where as I'm in San Francisco, and if you give me your phone nr I will call you and tell you more about your rug........... Please don't be in a hurry to sell this --- it is a very good rug in spite of it's condition.....Webb Hill 415-647-4068 if you wish to call me. Thanks

‘Evan’ did not reply to him but soon thereafter webb sent this missive:

I sent you an email -- went out to a senior lunch --- got back in less than an hour and your rug is not listed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, That's means to me you've sold it----- damn what is wrong with you do you have any idea of what that rug is and how much it's worth-- if you don't know rugs well,,,,,, my guess is you've just been taken,,,,,,,,,,, and whomever made you an offer,,,,, I'm sure also asked you to remove it asap from RR so more people would not see it. If you've read my previous emails then I warned you not to be hasty........... As more than likely you've just been had..............

We then sent this email to webb:

Hi Webb:
No it is not sold
what is your offer?

Check out webb’s cry-baby reply:

Then why did you remove the listing,,,,,,,,,,, I'm getting the feeling that this is some kind of ploy by someone in the rug world to screw with peoples minds. If you want me to make an offer I want to talk with you, I sent you my phone nr and since your using AOL as your server I assume you are here in the states...........So easy enough to pick up the phone and call me and then I might know this isn't a cruel game. John Webb 415-647-4068

RK then came out of the bag and wrote to that creep webb hill:

who would want talk to a PERVERT scum-swallower like you webb(ra)
fuck yourself shithead and go apologize to those 12 year olds you expose yourself to
yes i know the story
i'd do a "portrait" of you on RugKazbah but you're such a nobody why bother
so go die and hang in hell with another scumbag --ronnie newmann

Needless to say webb(ra) did not reply and we are glad he didn’t.

RK is not the only person to have cut webb out of their rug acquaintance and RK knows a number of other tid-bits, both from our personal experience with him and from others who have told us of their stories with john webb hill.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for dennis the liar, thief and cheat dodds’s emails concerning the Vakiflar rug.

Author: JEB
Wed, Jun 2nd, 2010 12:38:23 AM

The emails from webb demonstrate what a cry-baby he is. The rug was posted for offers, and instead of making an offer, or trying to find out more info to make it, webb(ra) did nothing but talk and cry.

We agree webb doesn't deserve to be tar and feathered for his emails but he surely does for his extra-curricular activities exposing himself to extremely young girls in the public parks of San Francisco.

And by the way, JEB, webb's activities are not alleged they are fact -- he was arrested and charged for his exposures. Make no doubt about that, for it is fact.


Leaving aside Webb Hill's alleged sexual antics, his emails seem insightful. He pointed out it's a very valuable rug, urged patience in selling it, wanted to have a phone discussion, and guessed something fishy was going on and the escapade might be a ruse. Not bad. The emails even sounded quite reasonable. I'm not sure what posting his emails was supposed to illuminate exactly.

Author: jc
Mon, May 31st, 2010 11:40:40 AM

Amazingly, we have received two emails from ruggies who are upset with our reportage about webb(ra) hill.

Honestly how anyone could defend, or show sympathy, for a reprobate like webb(ra) is truly unthinkable.

But in rugDUMB morals and ethics, let alone common decency, are rare commodities and only in rugDUMB could a miscreant like webb(ra) hill get anything other than a necktie party or a tar and feathering.

Both, mind you, RK considers to be too kind to someone of his ilk.

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