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Sun, Jul 4th, 2010 05:23:04 AM
Topic: turko-moron munkasci

Recently a number of people have asked RK if we read the article about antique rugs that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

We hadn't but today someone sent us a link to the article, which features comments by kurt, aka sneak peek munkasci.

RK has written about munkasci and related the story how he once began to look through our computer without our authorization.

Go to RugKazbah's Archive and look for munkasci's name and you can read the unexpurgated story of this violation of trust and decency munkasci perpetrated.

Regardless of munkasci's low-end morals RK has not been shy in stating munkasci's rug knowledge or alleged status as a "rug expert" is equally low down on the totem-pole.

His comments in the Wall Street journal article, titled "Carpet Bagging" demonstrate RK's opinion is right on.

We invite readers to read the entire piece but here is a sample of munkasci's rug wisdom....what a joke this clown, munkasci, is:

"AGE The older the rug, the higher the value is the general rule of thumb. Like a favorite T-shirt, antique rugs get more malleable over time.

The corners of rugs hand-woven in Turkey, Iran and Central Asia a century ago or more tend to "flop around" more readily than newer, machine-made models, says Kurt Munkacsi, an expert on tribal rugs. When shopping, grab a corner and see how easily it bends."

When you're done chuckling go email munkasci and tell him the only thing he should be bending is his grossly oversized waist and his penchant to believe he is a rug expert.

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 4th, 2010 05:23:04 AM

Yesterday's email box received an email from a reader who:

"...doubts highly you(RK) are telling the truth about munkasci or d'huerle."

We can assure him, and anyone else, what RK wrote is both true and factual.

Were it not rest assured both munkasci and d'heurle would attempt to silence us or at least attempt to have us remove what we wrote.

But remember: Truth can never be slander or defamation.

And RK has told the truth about our unwarranted and uncalled for experiences with kurt sneek peek munkasci and david my wife says i paid too much d'heurle.

Author: jc
Sat, Jul 3rd, 2010 05:27:21 AM

To answer publicly the several emails RK has received concerning our reportage and outing of kurt munkasci we have decided to briefly tell the story of why RK has it in for him.

Several years, in fact in 1993, after the disastrous Tent Band sale at sotheby's in december of 1990 RK was approached by munkasci and asked if we would sell him the two "S" group chuval, which did not sell.

We told him, yes they could be for sale and we struck a deal with munkasci.

He gave us three checks -- two that were post-dated for 30 and 60 days and one that could be cashed immediately.

We turned the chuval over to him and went with him to his bank to cash the first check.

Then about a week before the first post-dated check was due to be cashed munkasci called us and told us "The deal is off, I paid too much, have already stopped payment on the two other checks, and I want my money back for the first one."

To describe this as unprofessional and unfriendly are too kind, as this is nothing but down-right dirty, disgusting and greedy -- three traits that are clearly well-developed in mr munkasci's personality.

RK then met munkasci to voice our objections to his unilateral cancellation of our agreement and after realizing there was no hope, and only a court-case left, we decided to agree to his offer to "renegotiate" the deal with the gun at our head.

Obviously RK only agreed to the "renegotiation" because we had been forced to and the 35% discount munkasci forced us to accept was something we will never forget or forgive munkasci for.

This is not the first time a sleaze-bag ruggie has taken advantage of RK by employing underhanded, devious and revoltingly unethical business practices.

While RK is far from gullible or naive, when someone like munkasci or his partner mr david d'heurle, who tried to pull the same "I want my money back" renegotiation after buying a Turkmen weaving from us some years later, takes advantage of our honesty and trust by abusing us like these two dishonest creeps did what can we say other than shame on them for blind-siding and cheating us.

In munkasci's case RK had no choice but to agree (after all a stop-payment check, or two in this case, is totally worthless except in a court of law and we all known what a mess a court case is) and the 35% 'discount' munkasci extracted from us hurt.

In d'heurle's case the fact we would not accept post-dated payment was the only reason d'heurle did not get away with the heist like his partner munkasci did.

Interestingly, d'heurle used the same bogus argument his partner, and obvious mentor in this instance, munkasci used "My wife says I paid too much"

By the way, neither munkasci nor d-heurle's wife knows anything about rugs nor they do not participate with them in rugDUMB, so hiding behind their women's skirts is nothing but further proof of munkasci and d'heurle's punk-ass and severely damaged morals and ethics.

There are other comments RK could forward and substantiate to support our position munkasci is nothing but a greedy, sleazy, insecure, turko-moron but we do believe our recounting these two -- munkasci's sneek-peeking into our computer without permission and his unilateral refusal to honor the deal he made with RK for the two "S" group chuval -- provides ample proof of just exactly who mr munkaasci really is.

And don't forget mr david i paid too much and want my money back d'heurle is equally challenged when it comes to honesty and ethical business and personal practices.

'Nuff said?

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