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don't make RK laugh
Mon, Aug 2nd, 2010 03:07:34 AM
Topic: "Karaman" saf?
don't make RK laugh

In the past 24 hours two people have queried RK about this supposed "Karaman" saf:

supposed "Karaman" saf, at least according to the seller, richard purdon

First off, while RK can not definitively ascribe this ghastly, late, derivative weaving to any particular location in Anatolia we can assuredly state is not Karaman.

We would guess it farther west and north, somewhere in the environs of Kutahya to Eskisehir.

But regardless of where it was made, or its date which purdon states is circa 1800, it is a revoltingly ugly and unimportant example.

RK has written extensively about saf Kelim and we suggest mr purdon bone up on what is reality and forget about his fantasies.

By the way, both of the people who queried RK have, according to what they have told RK, read what we wrote and, if that really is the case, we can not fathom why they would even bother to ask our opinion.

Granted knowing about historic weaving, be it Anatolian or from anywhere else, is difficult but considering RK laid out the road map we can not possible understand their getting lost enough to need help, especially with a mediocre example like purdon's.

Let RK add one rejoinder: What appears in this post, as well as all others we author, is absolutely our honest opinion, and while we believe we know best many believe we don't.

No problem, go buy purdon's Karaman and enjoy it...we'd surely rather go have a root canal without anesthetic then sit and have to look at that abortion of a saf purdon is hawking.

Period, end of discussion

Author: jc
Mon, Aug 2nd, 2010 03:07:34 AM

Last evening RK received an email asking us if we knew what richard prudon was asking for either of the two kelim we mentioned.

We will answer that question publicly by stating: We have not spoken to purdon to ask him the price of either of his "Karaman" kelim but we did some checking and have heard thru the grapevine the price for the two niche saf is 25,000 dollars.

That's alot of greenback for not much kelim in our estimation.

But mr purdon is someone whose prices never seemed to us to be commensurate with their quality and RK never did any business with him, although we knew him long before he moved to Turkey and left his former life in England.

Author: jc
Sun, Aug 1st, 2010 07:55:08 AM

RK just took a further look at purdon's website and believe we erred in our belief the piece we just posted is the one we were queried on.

Here, most probably is the correct one

purdon's saf

Again this weaving, we believe, was not made in "Karaman" but rather in the same general area as we suggested above for the other single mirhab example.

And while this saf is far better, it is still a mediocre example that is similar to ones we have written about in our extensive piece, aka the kelim roadmap we also just mentioned.

There have been a number of these pieces, all quite similar, on the market since the early 1980's and our opinion then, as now, has not changed.

We find them all to be derivative reflections of the archetype in Berlin and, more specifically, of the early Classic period one in our collection that is illustrated in our kelim roadmap and on the Weaving Art Museum website.

Once again RK only is interested in, and collects, archetypes and early Classic period kelim and purdon's is far from either of those classifications.

We rest our case....

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